Law Student Guide: How to Find a Job After School

In July 2022, the number of available legal jobs reached a high of 1,188,000. By November, the number of available jobs decreased to 1,183,200 due to a slowdown in demand.

While there’s always some demand for lawyers, you may face a lot of competition in your legal job search. This is why it’s a good idea to get a head start while you’re still a law student. Keep reading for some helpful tips on finding a job after law school.

Strengthen Your Resume

Help yourself stand out from other candidates by strengthening your resume while you’re still in law school. Apply for summer internships or volunteer at a pro bono firm. Not only will these experiences look great on your resume, but they could also lead to a job offer.

Many law firms also consider academic performance, so make sure to maintain your grades as a law student. Graduating in the top 10% of your class will help your chances of getting a job right out of law school.

Talk to Your Counselor

The career counselor at your school is an excellent resource for information on legal careers. They often have lots of industry connections and know which firms are hiring.

If you’re unsure about what type of law you want to practice after you graduate, your counselor can give you feedback on what might be a good fit. They might also offer other services like resume reviews or practice interviews.

Build Your Network

Build strong connections with your law school professors. They may have many industry contacts they could introduce you to. Keep in touch with classmates in case they have any tips or job opportunities to share.

Attend networking events to make new industry connections. Get more involved in the legal community by joining clubs or bar associations. Having a strong network will make your legal job search much easier.

Consider Alternate Career Paths

While most people go to law school to become a lawyer, that’s not the only career path you can take. Many corporate attorneys started in other fields such as government, finance, and real estate.

Think about some of your most valuable skills. Are you a great writer or good at communicating? Use this to guide your job search when considering alternate careers.

Start Your Own Firm

If there aren’t many legal jobs available in your area, think about starting your own firm. Look into the needs of your community to find out which legal specialty will be the most helpful.

Starting your own firm won’t be easy. Make sure you have a plan and are willing to put in the work. If the thought of going out on your own is scary, reach out to former classmates to see if they want to partner with you.

Finding A Job As A Law Student

Finding a job after law school can be difficult, especially with so much competition. That’s why it’s a good idea to get started while you’re still a law student. Having a strong resume and making industry connections are great ways to get a leg up in your legal job search.

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