What Specialisations are Offered in the MPT Program?

What Specialisations are Offered in the MPT Program?

The Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) program is one of the most famous PG-level degree programs in the field of physiotherapy. Usually, students choose this program after the successful completion of their three years of bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. MPT programs are vast courses with multiple specializations such as Master of sports physiotherapy, Master of Orthopedic, Master of Neurology and more.

The basic duration of all MPT specialisations is of two years which is divided into 4 semesters. The Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) course also offers countless career opportunities which makes it one of the most desirable paramedical courses in India.

Famous Physiotherapy colleges in Tamilnadu like Cheran College of Physiotherapy offer the best specialisations based on rich educational curricula. If you want to make your career in the best MPT programs.

What are MPT Programs?

The Master of Physiotherapy is a paramedical course available at Cheran College of Physiotherapy at the PG level. This two-year-long course is highly in demand as there is a massive requirement for skilled and qualified physiotherapists in India and other countries as well.

In the MPT programs, students will get to learn about injuries and take precautions against an accident or joint-related pains. Master of Physiotherapy is the study of preventing injuries and finding drug-free techniques to cure pains. Students can choose from a variety of MPT specialisations such as sports-related physiotherapy, neurological conditions, movement disorders, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Quick Facts about MPT Programs

MPT Course Full Form Masters of Physiotherapy
MPT Course Duration Two Years
Basic Eligibility BPT degree with 45% marks
Mode of Education Semester
Types of MPT Degree MPT Ortho, MPT Sports, MPT Cardio-Respiratory, MPT Neurology, MPT Pediatrics
Higher Degree After MPT Programs B.ed, MPhil, PhD
Career Opportunities after MPT Programs Pediatrician, General Physiotherapist, Research Assistant, Assistant Professor,  Lecturer, Therapy Manager, etc

5 types of popular MPT specialisations

MPT programs generally revolve around general body injuries, joint pains, nerve pains and other types of body or muscular pains. In today’s time, the human body has various pains due to an unbalanced diet and wrong body posture. The increasing number of people suffering from injuries and pains need skilled physiotherapists to cure their diseases. Therefore, many Physiotherapy colleges in Tamilnadu provide BPT and various MPT courses.

Here are the top 5 MPT programs offered by physiotherapy colleges in India;

MPT Orthopaedics: MPT in orthopaedics is one of the most influential specialisations available in the MPT program. This PG-level physiotherapy course is an exciting journey that opens doors to a particular area dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Biomed science, Exercise physiology testing and prescription, Research Methodology and Biostatistics, Physiotherapy in regional orthopaedics and Advanced Therapeutic are some of the core courses of MPT ortho.

MPT Sports: Master of Physiotherapy in Sports is another noted specialisation of MPT programs. The course is designed to equip passionate individuals with updated knowledge and skills in physiotherapy, with a particular focus on sports-related injuries and rehabilitation. Research Methodology and Biostatistics, Physical and Functional Diagnosis of Sports Injuries, Clinical/Journal Club I and Sports Biomechanics are some of the core subjects of Mpt sports.

MPT Neurology: Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology is a 2-year PG-level MPT program. This branch of MPT is widely famous among physiotherapy students and provides plenty of opportunities in both private and public hospitals. MPT Neurology is designed to offer advanced skills and knowledge in the neurology domain and neurorehabilitation. Neurological conditions include traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and other disorders affecting the nervous system.

MPT Cardio Respiratory: After BPT, students majorly go with MPT ortho or MPT cardio, as they both are MPT programs that open a wide range of career opportunities. This PG program is crafted to equip students with the latest theoretical understanding and practical proficiency in managing and curing cardiorespiratory disorders. Physiotherapy Practice, Education Technology, Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Applied Biomechanics are some of the core subjects that students will learn during the MPT cardio degree program.

MPT Pediatrics: MPT Pediatrics is another 2-year MPT degree program that is available in all popular Physiotherapy colleges in Tamilnadu. This master’s degree in physiotherapy primarily focuses on the specific needs and developmental considerations of pediatric conditions, ranging from developmental delays and musculoskeletal disorders to neurological impairments and genetic disorders.

Best College for MPT Course in India

MPT programs are widely recognized in India and are available at the best physiotherapy colleges in pan India. Among all well-established physiotherapy colleges, Cheran College of Physiotherapy is one of the best Physiotherapy colleges in Tamilnadu. The college is primarily known for its quality education and research facilities. The course curriculum is highly based on the latest industry needs.

Key features of Cheran College of Physiotherapy

  • Provide 5 major specialisations for MPT programs
  • Advanced course structure
  • High-tech laboratories
  • Rich library
  • Internship opportunities
  • Placement in noted hospital/nursing home
  • Semester mode of education


MPT Programs provide the best career opportunities which makes it one of the most famous paramedical courses. MPT Ortho, MPT Sports, MPT Cardio-Respiratory, MPT Neurology and MPT Pediatrics are the top 5 specialisations that students can choose after completing their MPT degree course from the best Physiotherapy colleges in India.


Which are the most popular MPT programs in India?

MPT Ortho is known as one of the most popular MPT specialisations. Master’s degree in Ortho is a 2-year degree program and is widely chosen by BPT pass students.

How many types of MPT programs are there?

There are majorly 5 types of MPT programs available at Cheran College of Physiotherapy such as MPT Ortho, MPT Sports, MPT Cardio-Respiratory, MPT Neurology and MPT Pediatrics.

Can I do MBBS after the MPT Degree program?

MBBS and MPT both are different courses in the field of healthcare. MBBS is a medical course, whereas MPT is a paramedical course. But still, after your MPT degree course, you can do an MBBS degree course.

What is the highest salary package for MPT degree holders in India?

The highest salary package for an MPT degree in India ranges between INR 12 LPA to INR 25 LPA.

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