The Healthcare industry is one of the booming industries that has hit an estimated global value of USD 8.8 billion in 2022. This industry is contributed by multiple sectors and one of the major sectors that holds a huge hand in the development of the healthcare industry is the nursing sector. The nursing sector has turned into one of the prominent healthcare facets with an estimated market value of USD 1.2 billion and thus has a wide band of job opportunities. Pursuing nursing courses at an advanced level, i.e., MSc Nursing in top colleges like Cheran College of Nursing, one of the best Msc nursing colleges in Coimbatore opens the door to bright careers in the healthcare umbrella.

This article is all about the MSc Nursing course, its specializations and much more.

Explore the course, MSc Nursing:

The nursing sector is one of the flourishing sectors in the global healthcare industry. As per World Health Organization, there are 28 million nurses worldwide; yet there is a huge shortage of nurses. This shortage is directly proportional to increasing nursing jobs thus amplifying the career scope after MSc Nursing in the best nursing colleges in Tamilnadu and other places.

Let us explore the course details of MSc Nursing:

Course MSc Nursing
Course Description The MSc Nursing course is designed to educate students on advanced nursing skills by inculcating in-depth nursing practices.

This course prepares students for handling critical medical situations and motivates them to exhibit care, compassion, and empathy towards patients via their nursing care. In par with this, MSc Nursing also incorporates managerial and administrative skills that are required for healthcare administration.

Level Postgraduate level
Duration 2 years
Eligibility criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue MSc Nursing in top colleges like Cheran College of Nursing, one of the best private nursing colleges in Coimbatore and others are as follows:

●      Candidates must have passed a BSc in Nursing or an equivalent degree with aggregate marks of 55% from a recognized college/University.

●      Candidates must have a minimum of 1 year of experience in teaching hospitals or colleges or in nursing school.

●      Candidates must have registered with the Midwives Council, Chennai, and Tamil Nadu Nurses.

Admission Procedure Admission to MSc Nursing is either merit-based or entrance exam based.

Certain renowned colleges like Cheran College of Nursing, one of the top Msc nursing colleges in Coimbatore consider UG scores for merit-based admissions while certain other colleges consider entrance exams such as AIIMS PG exam, MET, DSAT, etc for entrance-based admissions.

MSc Nursing Specializations and their career scope:

MSc Nursing course is offered in a wide range of specializations. The ultimate goal behind these specializations is to train the nurses hands-on in a particle nursing discipline with knowledge about cutting-edge innovations in nursing care.

Here are the various MSc Nursing specializations and their career scope:

MSc Medical-Surgical Nursing:

MSc in Medical Surgical Nursing deals with nursing adult patients in various critical care conditions such as surgeries, intensive care units, etc. This course also deals with the management of nursing stations in the surgical zones of hospitals.

The career scope for this course is quite better and the most relevant job zone is in critical care units of the hospitals. Some of the job roles after this course include ICU nurse, surgical support nurse, etc.

The average salary scale after MSc in Medical Surgical Nursing is around INR 3 LPA for freshers and around INR 5.5 LPA with experience.

MSc Child Health Nursing:

Pediatric nursing is one of the toughest nursing units and that is what MSc Child Health Nursing is all about. This course in top MSc Nursing colleges in Coimbatore and other places trains nurses in handling children in various health conditions.

Nursing graduates after MSc Child Health Nursing are majorly hired for pediatric units such as Neonatal Intensive Care Units, etc in most hospitals. The average salary scale for these jobs is around INR 4.2 LPA which will increase with experience.

MSc Community Health Nursing:

MSc Community Health Nursing in the best MSc nursing colleges in Coimbatore is majorly concentrated on public nursing services. This course prepares students to nurse the public and handle their nursing needs via any community organizations.

The major job roles that await after this course are in public health departments, community organizations, wellness centres, home health systems, etc. Some of the job roles in these areas are community development worker, clinical instructor, nursing executive, etc.

MSc Mental Health Nursing:

Mental health care has gained so much importance in recent years and hence various mental health stations and hospitals have been established. The increasing number of units for mental health has raised the requirement for nursing experts in mental health with an MSc Mental Health Nursing degree.

There is immense career scope for this course with major job responsibilities involving handling mentally disturbed patients, mentally retarded patients, etc. This nursing job requires immense patience and empathy which is inculcated along the mental health nursing course.

MSc Maternal Health Nursing:

Every hospital in the world holds maternal health units that handle deliveries, post-delivery care, etc. These units in the hospitals require immense nursing facilities with trained nurses in maternal health nursing.

MSc Maternal Health Nursing carries a great career scope as this discipline of nursing is in never-ending need all around the world. Maternal health nurses earn around INR 5 LPA as the average salary in India.

Different MSc Nursing specializations have different career scope, yet the overall career scope for all nursing specializations are remarkable. As per statistics, 6 million more nursing jobs are to be created within 2030 to meet the global nursing workforce requirement.


Nursing is one of the most dedicated professions that requires a lot of patience and empathy along with in-depth nursing knowledge. Choosing any nursing specialization in MSc Nursing at top MSc Nursing colleges in Coimbatore and other places offers a better future career.


  • Which speciality is best for MSc nursing?

All the specializations in MSc Nursing have greater potential, yet MSc Nursing in Maternal Health is considered the best speciality.

  • What would be the fresher salary range after Msc Nursing?

The fresher salary range after Msc Nursing is around INR 3 to 4 LPA. The salary scale ranges up to INR 10 LPA on further experience.

  • What are the career options after MSc Nursing?

There are multiple career options after MSc Nursing and some of them are home care nurses, critical care nurses, nursing educators, etc.

  • Can MSc Nursing graduates pursue MBA?

Yes, MSc Nursing graduates can pursue MBA by appearing for some of the entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, CMAT, etc. MBA in Hospital Management will be the best choice of MBA after any nursing course.

  • What are the benefits of MSc nursing?

Benefits of MSc Nursing include:

  • In-depth Nursing Education
  • Getting Specialized in a particular nursing discipline.
  • Better Msc Nursing Job Opportunities
  • Good pay scale nursing jobs

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