What are the Career Options after a Doctor of Pharmacy?

What are the Career Options after a Doctor of Pharmacy?

The main goal of Pharm D candidates is to have a well-planned career after completing the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) programme.  Before the creation of the Pharm.D degree by the Government of India and the Pharmacy Council of India in 2008, however, there were few employment prospects and opportunities for graduates of this programme.

Nevertheless, signing up for a Pharm D course at the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu, such as the Cheran College of Pharmacy is quite promising. But, above all, it is necessary to look at options for remunerative growth for future settlement. Because of this, this blog is our modest attempt to give you all the information on career prospects post pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Doctor of Pharmacy- Course Overview

The Doctor of Pharmacy course blends the science of drug delivery with the practice of pharmacy. Additionally, Pharm.D students primarily receive hands-on instruction in clinical pharmacy and medical pharmacy. This course also equips students with the essentials necessary to take on duties like disease diagnosis and patient care assistance.

Pupils can also learn skills in disease diagnosis, therapeutics, drug consumption, treatment selection, and patient monitoring by completing this course from the Pharm D colleges in Coimbatore.

Course Highlights

A few quick facts about this degree, as available at the Cheran College of Pharmacy are tabulated below:

Course Duration 6 years
Mode of Examination Semester Mode
Eligibility Criteria ●  Candidates must have completed their 10+2 grade from a state or national education board.

● Or, candidates who have finished a Bachelor of Pharmacy at a PCI-Approved institution are also eligible.

●  In addition to the necessary subjects like Physics and Chemistry, candidates should have studied either Mathematics or Biology.

● He or she must be at least 17 years old when applying for admission.

Average Course Fee Ranges from INR 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs per year

Career Options available after earning a Doctor of Pharmacy

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) programme offered by private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu helps students understand the fundamental principles of the industry over six years, thereby increasing their chances of finding employment. Some of those job prospects include the following:

Medical Writer

A medical writer must stay up to date on advancements in medicine and healthcare. However, these professionals are well-equipped to produce scholarly works about drugs and/or illnesses at the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu. And, examples of their writing include news articles, journal papers, published articles, and promotional content for healthcare websites.

  • Pharmacy Director

A pharmacy director manages the pharmacy’s daily operations, keeps an eye on the performance of the staff, and works with outside vendors. They also establish goals and objectives for their team, define pharmacy policies, and generate budgets for their pharmacy.

Clinical Pharmacist

This job demands providing direct patient care, which enhances medicine, healthcare, wellness, and disease prevention. And, because these specialists must counsel their patients on how to utilise medications correctly and safely, the Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu provide professional knowledge in the therapeutic use of medicine.

Retail Pharmacist

This position demands employees to interact with the customers, and also be in charge of giving prescribed drugs to patients. These experts also oversee and manage the support staff working in a pharmacy. In addition, they plan training sessions for the staff and assist with performance evaluations. Furthermore, these experts collaborate closely with the pharmacy’s director and provide regular updates to them on the functioning of the pharmacy.

Drug Inspector

Drug inspectors are in charge of stopping drug theft and fraud, and they must look into any illegal behaviour that may be going on at pharmacy stores or pharmaceutical companies. And, since trafficking in illegal substances might put consumers at risk, therefore the best pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu properly equip the drug inspectors to make sure that illicit medications are not being marketed.

Analytical Chemist

A skill set for an analytical chemist must include knowledge of bioanalysis, forensic science, environmental analysis, clinical analysis, and materials analysis. Additionally, part of their job comprises investigating and evaluating the chemical makeup and behaviour of various salts.

Drug Safety Associate

To study the impact of pharmaceuticals after they have been introduced to the market following clinical studies, these experts typically collaborate with pharmacovigilance departments. Also, when pharmaceutical items are made available to a larger public, they are in charge of gathering data about how people react to them. Additionally, to work in this position, the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu offer in-depth education to acquire details regarding the negative effects of novel medications.

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Such consultants are employed by pharmaceutical companies on a contract basis to aid in the development of brand strategies, the introduction of new medicine brands, and the expansion of the market for already-available medications. They are also known as pharmaceutical advisors, who may assist pharmaceutical firms with the adoption of new software and the testing of new products.

Wrapping Up

Pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy opens up a wide range of career options for individuals in the healthcare industry. Be it taking up jobs in a hospital setting, participating in research and development of new medications, or even branching out into non-traditional roles, the opportunities are vast. Furthermore,  with the right combination of skills, experience, and a passion for patient care, graduates of the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu can confidently embark on a successful and rewarding career path.


  1. Can a Doctor of Pharmacy holder administer care to patients?

People completing a Doctor of Pharmacy course are often permitted to practise independently and give direct medication prescriptions to patients. This is because a Pharm.D course includes both basic and advanced clinical education components for the safe and efficient use of medications.

  1. Can the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu prepare you to pursue careers in academia?

Yes, pupils graduating from the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu can get employment as Research Associates, Lecturers, Teachers, etc. in institutions of higher learning all over the world.

  1. What is the average monthly pay for PharmD graduates in India?

According to AmbitionBox, the Doctor of Pharmacy salary in India per month ranges between ₹ 0.2 lakhs to ₹ 4.6 lakhs.

  1. Is a Pharm.D course equivalent to PhD?

Although earning a Doctor of Pharmacy from the best Pharm D colleges in Tamilnadu can qualify you for a Ph.D. you must remember that this programme is not equivalent to a Ph.D. Additionally, a Pharm.D. programme is designed for people who want to become pharmacists, whereas a PhD course is for people who want to work in research.

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