Empowering Students with Quality Education at Cheran Group of Institutions

Empowering Students with Quality Education at Cheran Group of Institutions

One of the crucial factors of a successful career is the kind of education you receive in your college. As the college not only imbibes knowledge and skills in you but plays an important role in shaping your personality. Hence, when choosing a college, it is essential to choose one that offers quality education. If you are seeking to get a quality education with a robust curriculum and placement, you can consider the Cheran Group of Institutions for pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

This blog covers the details of how one of the best private colleges in Coimbatore, Cheran Group of Institutions is imparting and empowering students with quality education.

What is Quality education?

Quality education is defined as concentrating on each student’s emotional, social, physical, mental, and cognitive development regardless of gender, colour, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or geography. And the aim of quality education in higher education courses is not to prepare a student for exams but to prepare for life. And there are private colleges in Coimbatore like the Cheran Group of institutions that offer quality education with value-based education to the students.

A successful life is made possible by high-quality education, which also improves students’ intelligence, skills, and knowledge and transforms their lives for the better.

How Cheran group of institutions is empowering students with quality education?

1.    Student-centric teaching method- This is one of the private colleges in Coimbatore, that follows a student-centric teaching method. To achieve better academic results and student understanding, this group follows conceptual approaches to learning. And through modern approaches, teachers ensure that the student’s interest remains intact in learning the subject, and to measure their understanding, they also conduct regular evaluations through tests, exams, etc.

2.    Standard Course Curriculum- Whether it’s nursing, physiotherapy, commerce, or art courses, the Cheran Group ensures that the teachers are following an industry-approved curriculum including the latest technological or methodological development and technologies with the core concepts of the subjects. This factor of quality education helps students maintain a pace with the industry and its requirement to make a future career.

3. Integrated learning environment- Cheran Group is considered one of the best private colleges in Tamilnadu as it integrates theoretical and practical approaches to teaching. Through an industry-based curriculum theoretical learning is being imparted to the students and with a practical approach including industry exposure, and internship opportunities, they allow students to practice the theoretical concepts into reality. The practical learning experience also helps students in getting better job opportunities.

4.  Infrastructure- The state-of-art infrastructure is designed in the college campus of one of the renowned private colleges in Coimbatore, Cheran Group of institutions that offers an aesthetically pleasing green environment with all the essential facilities including transportation, residential, well-equipped library, laboratories with all modern tools and equipment, sports grounds, healthcare facilities, etc. Also, the infrastructure of the campus is regularly maintained to ensure the health, hygiene, and safety of the students.

5. Career development activities- Cheran group has made industrial collaborations with various organisations and has derived skillset requisite of companies from different course graduates. And to make students prepare for the placement drives they organise career development activities at the campus.

6. Experienced faculty members- In all the colleges of Cheran Group, they have employed highly qualified teaching professionals with years of experience in teaching and doing research work. Also, the college offers assisting resources such as smart classrooms to support quality education.

Additionally, in regular intervals, teachers are given professional training to improve their standard of teaching and incorporate modern teaching methods to offer quality education to students.

7. Research environment- This is one of the best private colleges in Coimbatore that foster research abilities and interest among its students. The Cheran group has established well-stocked libraries with the books of eminent writers, and publishers and also has modern laboratories to learn and practice experiments.

Furthermore, Cheran students also get the opportunity to write research papers with the help of their faculty members and get them published in qualified journals and magazines.

8. Extracurricular activities- While imparting quality education to students, this is among the best colleges in Tirupur, that take care of the mental & physical well-being of the students. And for this, the college organises numerous cultural, sports, and academic events that help students ease up their stress levels and concentrate better on their studies.

9. Placement- To offer the quality education provided at the campus its real worth, the college invites 100+ companies in their colleges to offer placement opportunities to their students. Cheran Group is considered one of the renowned private colleges in Coimbatore that offers excellent placement to students.


By imbibing high ethical standards among students, the value-based education method of the Cheran group is among the prestigious private colleges in Coimbatore that prepare students to make a successful career and a successful life. Industry-approved course curricula, student-centric teaching approaches, and career development activities prepare students to reach higher on the ladder of the corporate and entrepreneurship world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which colleges are part of the Cheran group of Institutions?

6 colleges come under the preview of the Cheran Group of Institutions-

  • Cheran College Of Pharmacy
  • Cheran Arts & Science College
  • Cheran College of Physiotherapy
  • Cheran College for Women
  • Cheran College of Nursing
  • SMS College of Arts & Science
  1. Who is responsible for providing quality education?

Teaching faculty, College/University administration and the Ministry of Education are responsible for providing high-quality education to the students.

  1. What are the reasons for poor-quality education?

The root cause of poor-quality education in various colleges/Universities are-

  • Only focusing on the theoretical method of teaching
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Less qualified teaching faculties
  • Poor pedagogy skills
  • Outdated course curriculum
  1. What are the emerging education technology trends that will contribute to quality education?

The top emerging education technology trends in 2023 are as follows-

  • Collaborative learning
  • Interactivity in Classroom
  • Social media in learning
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Introduction of AR & VR in the education system
  • Gamification in education
  1. What is the importance of quality of education for a nation?

Quality education facilitates the economic, health, social, and political development of a nation. It also helps in reducing poverty, preventing diseases and malnutrition, promoting women’s empowerment & promotes the well-being of children.

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