Ways to create a logo

Ways to create a logo

Logo from the ancient Greek “logos” – word and “type” – imprint, is the original graphic image of the corporate name in the form of stylized letters or ideograms, symbolizes a product or service, is often a trademark. Logos are subject to all requirements for proper registration, after which it is legally subject to legal protection.

The logo is the most important part of the image of the company, with the help of the logo is positioned directly to the activities of the company. A small image or icon is able to give an idea about the company as a whole. In marketing policy, the logo plays a fundamental role.

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How to create a logo

Designing and creating a logo is the embodiment of a symbol or sign to represent the company, its policy and essence. It has to be simple, harmonious, to plant the image of the product in the consumer’s mind and evoke a positive associative effect. At the initial stage of the work it is necessary to study the company, namely the name of the organization. And also the location, products or services, how long the company has been in the market. Of great importance is the study of the direction of the company.

This initial phase does not end, continued analysis of the competitive environment of the organization, it is worth paying close attention to the appearance and corporate colors of the main logos of competitors to immediately exclude the possible similarity of the new logo with them.

Technology of logo creation: basic steps for logo creation

Requires a study of the company and its competitive environment. With this critical stage begins the development, it depends on the activities of the company, what the future logo will look like and how it will affect customers, this stage is aimed at finding and creating a unique graphic sign, which will be different from competitors.

Sketching. To make a logo it must first be developed on paper, the principle of sketches aimed at quantity, not quality. It is necessary to draw options on paper until the ideas are exhausted – it gives the benefit of finding the best solution.

Choosing a graphic editor. In today’s world there are a huge number of graphic editors, the question is only a personal preference of the logo performer, the author chooses the graphics program, in which he is most comfortable to work, yet the graphic editor serves as a transfer of a sketch version in the digital, to continue to work with him.

The choice of corporate colors and fonts. Colors in the logo play a special role, aesthetic and psychological, the choice of corporate colors will depend on the continued success of the logo, it will either attract and form a positive impression or repel or seem dull and confusing. The font should be in harmony with the color and identify the essence of the company.

Logo is the basis of future brand, its main element, so the creation of the logo should be taken very carefully.

Making logos implies a direct logo design, that is, work on the concept and creative idea which expresses a sign of the company. When you create an original image, through a compositional search, the laws of composition, using the means of artistic expression, as well as modern computer technology, which will create a creative sign.


In the case of the logo, it is important to understand the purpose for which the design should work effectively. After formulating the goal, the direct production of the logo begins.” The search for a graphic solution for a logo takes into account the entire line of visual characteristics, such as color, font.

Very often, the client company sets a goal for the designer to design a logo, but time is of the essence and the logo loses its relevance, and many organizations are asked to redesign it. The mark should be recognized even after rebranding, so only some adjustments are made to it.

A small graphic element can not only present the company in a favorable angle, but also put it in the lead among competitive companies. Thus, the logo is the success of the organization and its prestige. Therefore, every reputable company must order a logo.

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