Start Your Audio Adventure with These Podcast Apps

Start Your Audio Adventure with These Podcast Apps

Podcasts are intriguing stories, thought-provoking interviews, and hilarious conversations recorded to entertain listeners around the world. They cover any topic and theme that you can imagine. It’s art, creativity, and emotions wrapped together and presented by talented podcasters. There are many podcast apps available to help you find great content. If you are confused about which ones to try, then you are at the right place.


Many people know this one for their varied collection of songs from English, Hindi, and lots of other Indian languages. But did you know that Gaana is also a top-notch podcast streaming platform? Now you do! You might enjoy it even more if you are into Hindi podcasts, because this app has an impressive selection of original Hindi podcasts. Tech, suspense, educational, and a lot more are available here.

Gaana offers ad free playback, high-quality audio, and unlimited offline downloads. All of this comes together to create a podcast listening experience that gives you a break from the stress of day-to-day life.


  • ₹99/month, ₹249/6 months, and ₹299/year

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcast apps and there are many reasons for it. The biggest one is its simple and smooth UI. This makes finding your favorite shows and discovering new ones way easier. Browsing through the app’s featured shows, top charts and specially curated lists gives you a good look at what all is available.

Premium subscribers get to enjoy all this with additional features like the ability to switch between different themes. This lets you customize the look of this app in a way that suits you the best. Do check out Pocket Casts if you are a hardcore podcast listener.


  • ₹4005/year onwards


The Ben Shapiro Show, My Favorite Murder, Last Podcast On The Left, and The Daily are just some of the many interesting podcasts you can listen to on Castbox. The list can go on and on to take up this entire article. But the app also brings plenty of features to the table.

For example, it lets you comment and even interact with fellow podcast fans. This is because Castbox encourages its users to interact with each other and wants to instill a sense of community. If you want, this app enables you to customize your listening experience by using options like silence trimming and boosting the voice of the speaker.


  • Free to use

Amazon Music

Many of you might know this app for having a vast catalog of 100 million songs, but that’s not all. What you also need to know is that this is a great platform for podcasts. It has over 15 million podcast episodes and all of these can be accessed without any ads. Amazon Music has also helped create many hit podcasts like SmartLess, American Scandal, The Vanished Podcast, and more.

You can also download all your favorite podcasts and listen to them everywhere, even in areas with bad internet connections. This makes it one of the best offline music players and podcast apps you can find. The app is compatible with several smart speakers, including the Echo Family devices. So you can start your podcast in the car, continue it on your earphones, and finish it on your bedroom speakers.


  • INR 299 per month, INR 599 for 3 months, and INR 1,499 for a year


Here’s a wild card entry. Unlike the other apps on this list, it doesn’t have any podcasts by other creators. This is a platform that has been winning hearts with exclusive and original shows. These include Barefoot Boys, The Midnight Miracle, and Spooked. Luminary is not aiming to be an app that is home to millions of podcasts, it wants to win millions of listeners with a handful of great podcasts.

The kind of shows offered here are fun, unique, and worth your attention. You also get personalized recommendations depending on what you’ve listened to in the past, the option to download your favorite episodes, and more of such useful features.


  • ₹999/year onwards

Summing Up

It doesn’t matter whether you like comedy, sports, tech, history, or even conspiracy theories, you will find entertaining podcasts for that category. This article covers some of the best apps that will make the podcast lover in you happy. So pick any of these as each one will offer you a gateway to the massive world of podcasts.

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