Reasons Why You Should Choose Ozone Cabinet To Help You Clean

Reasons Why You Should Choose Ozone Cabinet To Help You Clean

Safety and health have taken on more significance in the wake of the global effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. You might be extra conscientious about washing your hands, wiping off counters, and disinfecting other surfaces that several people have touched. Whether or not you are doing things correctly, especially in terms of your business, should be your first priority.

Many products on the market assert that they can kill or neutralize any and all harmful microorganisms. It’s not clear whether they actually help people or cause more problems than they solve. Many cleaning products use chemicals that kill germs effectively but can release toxic byproducts that can be consumed. It’s also more challenging to clean particular materials because not all cleaners can penetrate them.

Ozone gas is one excellent way, however, it is vital to be more cognizant of the compounds utilized while cleaning a place or different objects. ZONO Technologies, for instance, has developed tools like the ozone cabinet to keep commonly used goods clean for extended periods of time while reducing the damage they have on the environment.

You can feel more at peace with products that have been through an ozone-cleaning cycle, despite the fact that the term “ozone” is frequently connected with climate change. You’ll never go back to sprays or detergents once you see the benefits.

What Is Ozone And How Does It Work?

It’s natural to be wary of trying out a brand-new product for the first time. The only way to know what to expect is to ask questions. Nothing should ever be used if there is any chance of harm. Fortunately, this is not an issue when utilizing an ozone cabinet.

One of the most cutting-edge methods for disinfection is the use of ozone, a naturally occurring oxidant. It is widely used to preserve pool and drinking water quality. It has been discovered that it is impervious to a wide variety of microbes and can easily break down multiple layers of material, making it perfect for use in long-lasting items like sports jerseys and foam matting.

The Benefits of Ozone Cabinet

The following benefits are yours to enjoy as a participant and user of a ZONO Technologies device:

Trim Your Budget

The cost of your monthly power bill will reflect the impact of adopting any new technology, making its energy consumption a major consideration. Using a washing machine and dryer to clean your clothes will require more than an hour of machine time and multiple cycles. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars are often lost as a result of this.

In less than forty minutes, your goods will be spotless after being cleaned in an ozone cabinet. ZONO Technologies also developed equipment with a low water and power footprint (each use requires less than an ounce of water and three cents of electricity). A normal washing machine, on the other hand, can use up to twenty gallons of water and six cents of power per load.

Less Throwaway

When cleaning many items, it’s important to have a selection of tools at your disposal. Let’s say you’re cleaning a table using a cloth. How many detergents or wipes will be needed to clean everything? When you’re done with them, you toss them in the trash, contributing to the mountain of garbage that eventually gets dumped in landfills and contaminates our planet.

Alternatively, you can avoid spending extra money on cleaning products by creating a cabinet where you can store practically anything. You’ll have extra time to focus on other duties while still getting your work done on schedule.

Because an ozone cabinet can eliminate even the most tenacious impurities, a pre-rinse is unnecessary before placing products inside. You’ll see that nothing needs to be air-dried even after the cycle finishes.

Less Pollutants Released

Spray disinfectants are a typical method of cleansing. Aerosols may kill many germs, but they have serious environmental consequences. When sprayed, they can interact with clouds and reduce the number of water particles they contain, leading to reduced precipitation.

Moreover, many cleaning products have potentially harmful ingredients like sodium hydroxide and sulfates. Only ozone gas is used in ozone generators. That means the cabinet can be used regularly without causing any harm to the environment, as the cleaning method uses only natural ingredients.

What Are Some of ZONO Technologies’ Other Service Offerings?

You may be more open to using ozone for sanitizing and disinfecting your workplace now that you know about its cleaning advantages. Numerous sectors, including NASA, have recognized ZONO Technologies as a cutting-edge option.

ZONO Technologies has been researching the best ways to maintain global cleanliness since 2009. Their technology was originally developed to ensure the cleanliness of sporting goods, but it has now found widespread use in a variety of other settings, including hospitals, daycares, and factories. They are expanding their services to accommodate more individuals and are learning about various cleaning methods at the same time. Spacesuits at Johnson Space Center are cleaned with a technology called ZONO Technologies.

The SC1 Single Door Sanitizing Cabinet is the basic size, however, larger cabinets are also available for thorough cleaning of other potential health risks. The SC2 Double Door Cabinet, for instance, is great for hospitals and assisted living facilities since it kills lice and bedbugs. Its Double Deep brother, on the other hand, is better suited for sporting goods because of its increased strength and durability.

To ensure that the youngest members of society are cared for properly, ZONO Technologies also provides money for childcare facilities that need assistance investing in one. Information about American Recovery and Reinvestment Act monies that could help them with various cleaning techniques is also available on ZONO Technologies website

Taking care of one’s health should be everyone’s top priority. This improves your quality of life and opens up additional opportunities for pursuits that bring you delight. Instead of using artificially perfumed cleaning products, try using ozone to get the job done. You will safeguard not only your company’s clientele but also the local ecosystem.

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