Parts Of Your Hotel That Could Benefit From Having Floor Mats

It is just as vital to acquire the mats from the appropriate mat rental business as it is to locate the ideal location for the mats within your hotel. The following are some effective and beneficial locations within your hotel where you may utilize floor mats.

Hotel mats that are strategically placed around the doors and exits of the building will assist with the following:

Keep Floors Clean

If you don’t safeguard the high-polish sheen of the floor in your lobby, it won’t last nearly as long as it would otherwise. Not only does a well-made and long-lasting mat capture and hide dirt and debris that is blown or carried in, but it also protects one of the sections of your hotel that gets the greatest foot traffic from the wear and tear that results from that activity. This keeps the floor gleaming for longer and reduces the amount of cleaning that is required in the areas where it is often needed the most.

Comfort Guests

Your guests are traveling in from a variety of locations. They had spent the day traveling by vehicle and aircraft, which caused them to become tense and stressed. The guests are relieved when they finally catch a glimpse of your hotel, but it isn’t until they go inside that they truly feel at ease. When guests enter your lobby for the first time, what do you want them to see under their feet? Marble, wood, or linoleum are all hard flooring options, but which would you prefer: the stress-relieving luxury of a welcome mat with your hotel’s name and emblem atop a kind “Welcome”? Before they even check-in, you should give them a reason to kick back and relax.


When hotel customers are standing in line to check in, they often have a lot of things going on at once, including kids on their backs, luggage dragging behind them, and very little energy to cope with everything. It’s possible that the difference between having a nice or confrontational exchange with the clerk depends on whether or not you have a comfortable place to stand on while waiting and getting checked in.


People have a tendency to assess the entire quality of a company based on the condition of its restrooms, and you want your customers to have nothing but great experiences with your establishment’s facilities. Stability is something that mats may provide in the bathroom, which is a place where the smooth flooring can become slippery when wet.

In addition to improving safety, putting mats beneath urinals allows for the collection and containment of any spills that may occur before they reach more difficult-to-clean locations. In this manner, it won’t go into the grouting or the drain, where it would feed the germs that are responsible for the musty, ammonia-like stench that is associated with bathrooms that aren’t maintained clean. Instead, the mat will keep it until it is replaced once a week.

Front Desk

Because they spend the whole day on their feet, your employees will benefit from any assistance that might help them do their duties more effectively and remain healthy. Your personnel will have more energy and be more ready to meet customers throughout the day if they are standing on comfort Ultimate Mats.


A steady flurry of activity can be observed coming from your kitchen workers as they prepare mouth-watering delicacies for your customers. You want them to give their all to every dish that leaves the kitchen, and giving them a mat to rest their aching legs on will help them focus on the appetizers rather than the aches in their legs.

Even though liquid and oil spills are prevalent in kitchens, mats, particularly our Nitrile Rubber-backed mats, will keep your floors sturdy, safe, and dry no matter what is going on underfoot.

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