New technology enables vehicles and trains can generate electricity.

New technology enables vehicles and trains can generate electricity.

Cars and trains are often viewed as the cause of carbon contribution As a result of the fuel consumed during transportation, however, new technology provided by Active Kinetic 1 very well be a game changer. Technology uses free energy available from the wind and movement of passing vehicles generating free kinetic electricity. The kinetic technology is so sensitive, that from just a few miles of road, it can generate megawatts of electricity replacing the need for fossil fuel and even nuclear power stations. It not only provides a new method to generate electricity from renewable energy otherwise wasted, but also reduces carbon emissions. The technology provide a green and clean method to accessing electricity in virtually any city in the world, and could transform energy through conservation. The free energy provided by kinetic movement of a vehicle, such as a car, truck or train would provide 24 hour electricity for the national grid, and possibly do it without the need for energy storage.

The technology could also save millions of pounds for rail network operating costs which is a major bonus. Installed across many miles of road would also mean free electricity available in abundance for every city nearby.

The product is in its final prototype stage, which means we might see this available very soon. In comparison to other methods of renewable energy, it is a solid solution and requires serious consideration from investors hoping to generate revenue from renewable energy technology.

The prototype can generate 2 to 6 joules and is easily replicated which means we can use this technologies at scale, anywhere in the world. The innovators of this disruptive technology also believe more energy could be harvested from different and extended designs.
Tons of carbon could be reduced each year by recycling, energy into free electricity. The devices use a kinetic energy mechanism, the innovators say, produces free kinetic energy.

It is a game changer for renewable energy technologies to generate even more free electricity The new wind energy technology is completely dissimilar to a wind turbine turbine, which requires a constant wind flow in one direction. The technology uses the turbulent wind patterns created by passing traffic to generate free electricity. As traffic passes the device, the high/low wind pressures provide kinetic energy.

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