Light Sky: The Beam Moving Head Light Becomes Popular

Public interest has always been generated by Light Sky‘s stage lighting equipment. Light Sky consistently strives to be the best at every exhibition it attends as one of China’s most well-known stage lighting suppliers. This article describes the amazing work Light Sky has done with its beam moving head light.

The Two Popular Beam Moving Head Lights


A 1200W LED moving head spot and profile light with high brightness, SHARK PROFILE is IP66-rated. Its LED module’s source color is white, and it has a color wheel with five distinct hues that can produce a variety of lovely hues. Its impressive lifespan means that it can last for a very, very long time. With its consistent environmental protection features, it also has no adverse effects on the environment.

Based on the setup, it can function as a beam, spot, wash, and profile light thanks to its four-in-one design. When a multipurpose moving head beam light is required outdoors, it can be used extensively. The five color choices can be combined and contrasted to produce an impressive variety of distinctive hues.


An IP66 waterproof moving head laser beam light is called Aqua Laser. Stadiums, live performances, building tops, theaters, and other outdoor locations with extreme weather are all good places to use them.

It can generate a powerful amount of projected light thanks to its high-density, white laser source, which operates as a beam. The light density distribution across the surface is remarkably consistent. There is also a sizable 14-color wheel that can be used to directly project related colors. The wheel also allows for easy mixing and matching to create any desired color.

Relevant Lessons

Stage lighting gear is produced and supplied by the reputable company Light Sky. Our factory and R&D facility span an area of more than 15 square kilometers. The factory creates dependable, high-quality goods that are well-liked throughout China. The R&D team also continuously toils furiously to improve the already-existing products and develop brand-new, market-dominating products.

Last but not least, Light Sky’s services are adapted to the needs of the client; our group will make every effort to create a specialized solution for the client.

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