How to Outsmart Burglars and Package Thieves with the Help of a Front Door Camera

How to Outsmart Burglars and Package Thieves with the Help of a Front Door Camera

‍As more people purchase online, parcel theft has become a prevalent issue for households. Packages are taken from doorsteps or porches, usually shortly after delivery. However, burglaries occur when crooks force their way into residences to make off with expensive goods. Burglars may also take packages that have been placed outside the home. Both may be avoided if you install cameras at your front entrance.

Home Security: The Need for a Camera at the Front Entrance

How to Outsmart Burglars and Package Thieves with the Help of a Front Door Camera

A front door camera is a high-tech gadget that monitors the entrance to your house. It records unusual behaviour and lets you see who is at your door in real-time. You may watch the video from these cameras remotely using a smartphone app or a web interface. You may upload the video to a cloud server and view it from any device.

Having a front door camera is a wise precaution to take. Intruders and package thieves are less likely to commit crimes when seen. Furthermore, the recordings may be used as court evidence if a crime occurs.

The Mechanics of Doorbell Cameras

How to Outsmart Burglars and Package Thieves with the Help of a Front Door Camera

Several methods exist for capturing video at the front entrance. A wide-angle lens on a modern camera allows you to capture a broader scene. They have motion detectors that kick on the recording whenever someone comes within range of the door. Night vision is a feature of specific cameras that allows for quality video recording even when ambient light levels are low.

The film is often kept on a server in the cloud and viewed through a web browser. Additionally, these cameras can store locally captured video on an SD card or hard drive.

Benefits of Having a Front Door Camera

There are many benefits to having a front door camera. Here are just a few:

Put off would-be intruders and parcel snatchers.

A front door camera’s most notable use is to deter would-be burglars and parcel thieves. A burglar or package thief is far less likely to target a house with a security camera. This is because criminals recognize the increased likelihood of being apprehended when captured on camera.

Keep an eye on things as they happen.

The ability to monitor things in real time is another perk of installing a camera at the front entrance. For example, you may be notified on your phone if someone comes within range of your house and then watch the live video stream. This is a great option when you cannot be at home but still want to keep an eye on things.

Proof of crime

During a break-in, footage from a front door camera may be used as crucial evidence. Evidence captured on camera may positively identify the culprits and bring them to justice. Doing so may reduce the likelihood of more criminal behaviour and make your neighbourhood safer for everyone.

Boost your home’s security in all areas.

Finally, a front entrance camera may provide extra protection for your property. Put the crooks on notice that your house is a challenging target by installing a camera system. This may reduce the likelihood of theft and break-ins happening.

True Accounts of How Front Door Cameras Have Helped Nab Criminals

There are several examples of front door cameras successfully arresting criminals in the wild. Just a few instances are as follows:

Theft of packages is uncovered in real-time.

A California resident’s front door camera caught a package thief while making a delivery. When police viewed the homeowner’s recording, they saw the burglar.

Viral footage of burglars

A homeowner’s front door camera caught two robbers on tape in Florida. The culprits were identified and brought to justice with the help of the camera footage.

A porch thief is caught in the act.

In Texas, a porch pirate was seen stealing a package off a resident’s front step. When police viewed the homeowner’s recording, they caught the burglar.

How to Make the Most of Your Front Door Camera

Your front door camera is only as valuable as how you put it to use. So first, make sure the camera is set up at the ideal height and orientation. Doing so will guarantee that the region immediately around your home is covered. Second, make sure there is no dust or dirt in the camera. This will make the recorded video clear and straightforward to examine. Third, check the camera’s functionality frequently to avoid any malfunctions. Finally, ensure your mobile app or online portal have notifications set up. As soon as the camera senses motion, you will get an alert and be able to see the live feed.


In conclusion, cameras installed at the front entrance are a fantastic addition to any security setup. They enable you to monitor who is visiting your home, deter would-be intruders, and parcel thieves. A front door camera may be the best way to ensure the safety of your delivery in this day of increasing internet shopping and package theft. Installing a camera at your front entrance is a simple way to increase your home’s safety.

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