Guy Grip That Makes It Possible


In many areas of life, when trying to find ways to make tasks easier, we look at ways that technology can help. The article talks about why the guy grip could be a good thing for people.

What is Guy Grip?

Grip is the ability to apply pressure with both hands evenly and effectively. This is the foundation of all hand-eye coordination and is the first step in being able to perform any task.

Guy grip is used for guying of poles in the construction of power cable. Once installed in place, under normal conditions, guy grip holds its grip regardless of the condition of the conductor to which it is attached, relaxed or in tension.

Applications for the Guy Grip

The components are added to the equipment according to the needs of the dead grip. The guy grip has legs in the form of a helical having unreactive grits with each turn holding the messenger wire. In addition to that, the strand has the tacking up and is regarding the guy grip. It is available in a multitude of sizes.

When it is wrapped over the conductor or a product, let’s say stay wire, the grip strength will be strong for avoiding the slip happening among the guy grip and conductors.


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