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These days there is a very popular dialogue among students and that too related to their studies and learning i.e., ” I am confused”. Yes, this dialogue has become the common enemy of the students because they are really confused about everything due to unorganized student life. And this unorganized lifestyle harms the students mostly in the exam time when students think that they can prepare for the exams even before one night of the exam but they are unable to do so because they don’t have any plan of action to prepare for the exam. Student life has a life line which is called discipline and organized skills. Without these two students can never complete their studies and learning. But even if the students have wasted their whole year but at least a month is left before exams then also they can do some needful acts to cope up with their preparation for the exams. School management system also takes exam time very seriously and understands the pressure on students. That is why the school management system makes sure that tutors should complete their syllabus timely or before time in order to give as many revisions to the students as possible. So, let’s understand how students can prepare for studies regarding preparation of exams.

First of all, an environment for studying is very necessary to be set up, therefore students find a quiet place to study where there should be no distractions like TV, Tablets, Android phones, chattering people or loud music etc. There should be pin drop silence to ensure complete concentration. Students need to set up an organized study station where they can start their study work easily equipped with every single small and big thing they need like stationary, water bottle, some snacks, note books and school books. These organized study stations avail everything a student can need while studying or preparing for the exams and due to this he or she will suffer no distraction at all in learning. Now materials are ready for the preparation and the only thing needed is data on which students have to work so students should find out all the necessary details about the subject whose exam is about to be conducted. Finding all details of a subject makes it easy to organize for the preparation of exams. And if the student has absolutely no idea what to prepare for the exam, then it is high time that student must discuss it with the tutor and take some serious suggestions from him/her about it.

Students should make their own mind maps of how to prepare in the easiest way according to their convenience and should act accordingly. Students should use these mind maps also to collect information and data regarding the particular subject’s preparation for the exams. Students need to make very fine plans for studying such as break the whole preparation into monthly clusters then into weekly clusters and finally into daily clusters and make it a habit to complete the preparation of daily clusters in order to achieve the weekly and monthly benchmark properly. For this purpose, students can take help of online learning also, which is supported by LMS portals these days because LMS portals make online learning easy and safe. Students need to work on one task at a time instead of hurrying to prepare all the lessons together. This will make the mind remain with nothing and students will have nothing in the name or preparation.

Students need to understand that healthy mind resides in healthy body therefore they need to take care of their health and after every hour of the study and preparation they need to take break when they need to stroll a little in the room or garden, take some drinks like tea, fruit juice or have some fruit salad or can have herbal tea which is known as stress reliever. For relieving the stress students can take help of any family member also by talking to him/her or by playing a little with the pet. Students should not feel alone and whenever they need help, they should contact their tutor, mentor, parents or siblings. They will be glad to help their family member in his/her quest for success in the exams.

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