E-learning – here is how successful people study, explore and upgrade today!

E-learning – here is how successful people study, explore and upgrade today!

Only several years ago, inline studies, or e-learning, was perceived as something entertaining rather than a way to boost professional knowledge or obtain widely-recognized certifications and degrees.

Yes, the Internet has always been full of various tutorials, “how to” videos, and even lectures from the world`s most acknowledged speakers. However, following them was hardly something you would mention in a job interview.

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 and the quarantine restrictions it imposed on all aspects of our lives, including work and studies, have changed the picture entirely. Not only people had to adapt to teleworking, studying, and even taking exams online, but apparently, many actually enjoyed this new approach and started looking for ways to continue this “remote” lifestyle after the restrictions were lifted.

Salesforce was one of the first professional ecosystems that introduced the idea of working, studying, and communicating remotely and demonstrating its benefits both to the Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers and their clients – businesses and organizations that now had a chance to hire highly-professional personnel, cutting a great deal to time, logistic efforts and money on the operation.

At the same time, Salesforce Admins and Salesforce developers didn`t only get access to the most vivid and, therefore, perspective job market but also get a chance to learn and communicate 24/7, seeking mentorship, support, and networking with the world`s leading Salesforce professionals.

In this article, we shall discuss why and how e-learning has evolved that much in the past several years and why today, it is the most perspective-efficient way to develop, boost your career, seek new opportunities, and reach your goals faster.

Learning differently

Let`s talk about some rough numbers. E-Learning Market size & share was valued at approximately USD 210 Billion in 2021, right after the first Pandemic restrictions started to get left, and experts got a chance to evaluate their impact on our everyday lives.

The results looked astonishing, and so did the process of the e-learning market growth. Today it is expected to reach a value of around USD 848.1 Billion by 2030.

So, how have online studies shifted from “entertainment” to a widely acknowledged educational process? The answer is simple – it is comfortable, accessible, and what is most important, it can hardly get affected by outside circumstances like another Pandemic, social unrest, natural disasters, etc.

In other words, we now appreciate mostly things that will remain accessible, no matter what. That is how e-learning became an industry. People went online searching for communication and knowledge from sources that were inaccessible in the pre-pandemic “Physical” world. At the same time, educators saw the e-learning industry as an opportunity to create and obtain a new niche that provides a certain level of independence and freedom as well as a stable demand for their services.

On this background, employers, professionals as well as their customers adapted to the new reality and started viewing e-learning as an equally convenient, credible, and perspective option as online shopping, digital banking, etc.

Back in the day, a company called Salesforce introduced its cloud-based CRM solutions. It made the complicated and demanding customer relationship management process affordable and available for all sorts of businesses. Now e-learning makes quality education and certification available worldwide in the very same manner.

Who can benefit from e-learning the most?

The answer may seem obvious – everybody! But let`s take a closer look at the process and its perspectives and see why e-learning may be the best choice for you right now.

Technically, there are 3 groups of potential e-learning aspirants that can benefit from the concept most:

  • Those who are between jobs now – it may be due to economic recession, willingness to take a break and pursue new opportunities, or any other reason. While on the one hand, temporary unemployment gives certain freedom; it also forces a person to be most rational with their resources and build a realistic plan of action, look for lucrative opportunities and perspective ways to build their new careers according to their demands and expectations;
  • Those who feel the pressure – the second group is working professionals who may feel the changing trends in the market and understand that they need to find a way to upgrade or certify their professional skills while being able to combine studies with their current occupation. Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers preparing for their Salesforce Certification exams are a perfect example in this case;
  • Those who want more – the third group might be the least pressurized yet the same motivated e-learning aspirants. Those are currently employed people who want to pursue new opportunities, discover new job markets and be able to enter them while the demands are still relevant. Those are people who choose to become Salesforce Admins coming to the IT industry from an unrelated background. Salesforce Developers are another example – they seek to apply their existing knowledge and technical skills and develop them to become a part of the lucrative Salesforce ecosystem.

How to find the perfect e-learning platform?

E-learning is here to stay! It will only develop and offer new opportunities in the observable future. That is why new online learning platforms seem to appear every day. There are widely-known versatile ones like Coursera and Udemy or focused professional platforms like LinkedIn. In India Salesforce training in Hyderabad is quite famous for Salesforce aspirants which is an hub for learning new software courses.

However, when it comes to professional e-learning, it is best to focus on those online institutes that have already gained a certain reputation in the industry as well as the professional community you are aiming at. CRS Info Solutions is a bright example of such an institute. They started Salesforce online course for professionals over a year ago and, by now, have prepared lots of successful Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers, helped them gain and maintain their Salesforce Certification and get their dream jobs in the industry.

Their unique curriculum and outstanding faculty of practicing experienced Salesforce professionals help every aspirant get the most out of the e-learning process and start their successful career in one of the most lucrative IT job markets today.

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