Best iPhone Cases for Protection

Looking to buy some iPhone cases?

Chances are that your iPhone is a precious commodity to you. iPhones are expensive, even when you buy them outright. If you bought it via contract, it’s even more expensive.

Because iPhones are such valuable pieces of equipment, it’s a good idea to invest in some cases to protect them. Cases come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. However, not all cases are created equally, and some perform better than others.

That’s why we’ve compiled this must-read list of the best iPhone cases for¬†protection on the market. Read on if you want to learn more!

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Mophie Juice Pack Air

It’s not only slim and lightweight, but it also provides up to 80% extra battery for your phone. Not only will you get fantastic protection and extra battery life, but you’ll also get access to a convenient charging port. The Juice Pack Air is designed with a protective and shock-resistant rubberized case and is even award-winning and drop-tested up to 6.6 feet.

It also features a pass-through charge and sync and includes an integrated four-light LED status indicator, so you know exactly how much power you have left. With the Mophie Juice Pack Air, you can rest assured that your phone is protected and won’t run out of power.

Otterbox Defender Series

Made of three layers of hard plastic, the hybrid design is both stylish and highly protective. It includes a built-in screen protector to ensure that the entire device is being safeguarded from dust and dirt, as well as a holster clip that can be used to secure the phone when not in use.

It also features a non-slip grip so that you won’t have to worry about your phone slipping out of your hands during long phone calls. The case itself is slim and lightweight, making it convenient to carry and easy to slip in and out of pockets. The Otterbox Defender Series is an excellent choice for anyone looking for ultimate protection for their iPhone.

RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper Case

This case is made from shock-absorbing materials and features an impact-resistant edge that keeps your phone safe during drops and falls. The bumper is sleek and slim, adding minimal bulk to your phone. The added thickness helps disperse impact energy to protect the phone while keeping the phone lightweight.

It also has a three-layer technology that shields the phone from everyday wear and tear. The non-slip grip ensures the phone won’t slip out of your hands, and the case is also scratch-resistant too. All in all, the RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper Case provides superior protection for your phone against everyday accidents.

Unicorn Beetle PRO

When deciding to get the best case for protection, consider the¬† Unicorn Beetle PRO. Not only does it offer superior protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, but with its raised bezel design. The PRO keeps your phone’s screen and camera lenses safe from drops and other damaging impacts.

The multi-layered construction of this unique case includes a soft inner protective shell and a tough outer armor shell of rugged polycarbonate used to keep your device safe. The advanced dual-layer design ensures maximum protection to ward off any harm your phone might face.

The textured outer shell also provides a superior grip, so you can always have your device securely in hand. With its advanced durability and impressive protection, the Unicorn Beetle PRO is a solid choice for finding the best iPhone case for protection.

LifeProof Fre

The LifeProof Fre iPhone case is the ultimate protector for your mobile phone. It is a waterproof case that is designed to keep your phone safe and dry in even the most extreme weather conditions. Its waterproof depth can handle up to 6.6 feet of water. It also has a built-in screen protector to keep your screen safe from scratches and other damage.

In addition, the case offers military-grade shockproof protection and drop protection up to 4 feet. It also provides advanced audio performance with a patented acoustic membrane. With its sleek and stylish design, this case is the perfect solution for keeping your phone dry, safe and looking its best.

Smartish Gripmunk

The Smartish Gripmunk is one of the best iPhone cases for protection. It has a sleek and slim design yet provides superior protection for your phone. It’s made of durable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, so you can be sure that it will protect your phone from everyday bumps and scratches.

The case also has a unique textured grip, which helps you to keep your device in your hand with ease. It also comes with a back alignment feature, making sure that your device remains secure when in use. It even comes with raised bezels to protect the screen and camera lenses, giving you 360-degree protection.

Griffin Survivor Endurance

Its shock-absorbing rubberized edges and hard-shell back offer superior protection against impacts, while a scratch-resistant coating keeps your phone looking pristine. The inner shell of the case stays in place even after multiple shocks, ensuring your phone always has complete protection against drops and other impacts.

The case also features sturdy covers for the ports and buttons, so you have full protection even when plugging in your headphones or charging your phone. The case is lightweight and comfortable to use, making it perfect for everyday use.

Best iPhone Cases for Protection

For a phone as expensive as an iPhone, superior protection needs to be a priority. iPhone cases come in all shapes, sizes, and materials for a variety of protective needs. There are cases for protection from water and dust, others for strong protection against drops, and even cases with built-in battery packs.

Overall, the best iPhone cases for protection come down to personal preference and need. There are cases that offer both maximum protection and style for everyday use. No matter which one you decide to purchase, a case is always essential to preserve the life of your phone.

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