Best Headphones Blogs and Review Websites

Best Headphones Blogs and Review Websites

There are many high-quality and high authority websites in different category along with headphones, earphones, speakers, and other audio video electronics products and even all different types of products in a single website. Where it is a bit confused to choose a specific product for buyers.

For that, we’ve found out the 10 best websites that are only dedicated and reviewing for headphones.

So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Headphones Blog and Review Websites

1.    Headphonesty

Headphonesty is a website that features reviews and guides for headphones across various price points, with a focus on transparency and honesty in their reviews. They’re transparent and make honest reviews.

2.    Headphone Zone

This is a popular Indian website that features news, reviews, and buying guides for headphones. Headphone Zone is a professionally run business and deals only in 100% genuine headphones.

3. is a vendor where they also make product review for individuals. It started with two brothers (Taron and Andrew Lissimore) with a shared love for headphones and the desire to share this passion with others. They strongly believe that great sound is one of life’s purest pleasures and that quality audio devices by extension lead to a better life.

4.    Headphones Addict

HeadphonesAddict is a small, independent website written by and for music lovers, audiophiles, and headphone fans. We strive to provide a free and nonpartisan opinion about modern consumer headphones.

5.    Headphones Advice

Headphones Advice is a small website dedicated for Headphones, Earphones, Accessories, and other Audio Equipment. Making Single Product Review, Top Product Reviews, How-to & Guides, Price Comparisons, Deals, and Blogs. All about Headphones buying.

6.    Headphone Review

Headphone Review was established in 2016 with one goal in mind — to help people find the best pair of headphones, no matter what their budget or headphone preferences. We aim to be the authority in headphone reviews on the web and beyond, and as such we explore all aspects of each pair of headphones we come across — from the tech specs to the design to the comfort.

7.    HeadphonesProReview

Headphones Pro Review was created with only a single and very significant goal in mind – to help music lovers and professionals buy the right headphones. We understand the importance of headphones in the lives of musicians, DJs, and music lovers, and have made it our aim to help you find the best headphones on the market.

8.    HeadphoneReviewHQ

HeadphoneReviewHQ always had a passion for audio, initially starting out with the obnoxious (what teenager didn’t want a couple of 12’s bumping in their car), to home audio, and finally onto one of my latest hobbies, direct to your ear’s audio.

9.    Head-Fi

Head-Fi is a community-driven website that covers headphones, audio equipment, and personal audio. A highly authoritative site in headphone industry. However, they also review for other audio video products.

10.  Audiophile ON

Audiophile On is one of the oldest and most trusted headphone, earphone and portable audio websites. We are didcated to bringing unbiased and detailed guide.


In conclusion, there are numerous blogs and websites dedicated to headphones that offer a wealth of information for both casual listeners and audio enthusiasts.

From reviews and buying guides to news and in-depth measurements, these websites provide a range of resources for those looking to learn more about headphones and audio equipment.

Whether you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones or simply interested in keeping up with the latest audio trends, these websites offer valuable insights and information for anyone interested in the world of headphones. Thanks!

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