7 Tips for Selecting the Best Physiotherapy Course Program

7 Tips for Selecting the Best Physiotherapy Course Program

Healthcare is one of the prominent sectors that science students want to enter after completing their class 12th. Physiotherapy is one of the emerging career options in the healthcare industry. And if you are a physiotherapy aspirant, you might have difficulty choosing the best physiotherapy course from the pool of courses offered by physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai.

If yes, then we are here to help you. In this blog, we have listed down the essential 7 tips that you can consider while choosing the best physiotherapy course to take your career to newer heights.

Physiotherapy Courses

Physiotherapy courses aim to teach students about diagnosing, managing, and rehabilitating people with physical disabilities. Students who are interested in making a career in the health industry apart from MBBS and BDS, opt for physiotherapy Courses. The leading physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai, such As Terna Physiotherapy, offer BPT and MPT courses in the field of Physiotherapy.

Let’s check out their course highlights:

Courses BPT MPT
Course Duration 4 Years 2 Years
Course Level Undergraduate Postgraduate
Minimum Eligibility Criteria ●  Applicants should have studied Biology/Botany, Zoology, physics, and chemistry subjects in class 12th with a minimum of 50% score from a recognised board of education.

● Applicants must have cleared the NEET examination.

● Minimum age=17 years

Applicants should have passed the BPT degree course with a minimum score of 50%.


Specialisation available None Cardiorespiratory & vascular Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal, Neuro physiotherapy

Tips to keep in mind while selecting the Best Physiotherapy Course Program

The top private physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai offer various BPT courses such as BPT, BSC in physiotherapy, Diploma in physiotherapy, BOT, MPT, etc. And for selecting the best course program you need to select the right college and right course. Now, we’ll discuss certain tips that will help you find the best college and physiotherapy course.

1. Examine Yourself- Before selecting any physiotherapy course, you need to analyse your interest areas, skills, knowledge, etc. For ex- MPT courses are offered with several specialisations. And to make the correct decision you need to analyse whether you want to make a career in Musculoskeletal, Cardiorespiratory & vascular Physiotherapy, or Neuro physiotherapy. Additionally, you need to list down your expectations, and outcomes from the course.

2. Course Orientation- While selecting the best physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai, you should also check out the orientation of the course. Certain courses focus on being a researcher while others focus on training students to become a physiotherapist.

3. Course Content- You need to pay close attention while checking out the course content of physiotherapy courses as there can be slight differences in the course curriculum provided by the different physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai and different physiotherapy courses. And you should find the course content to be interesting to have a successful completion of the course.

4. Career Opportunities- Be it higher education career options or job opportunities, it will vary according to the course you choose to pursue. If you study at the best BPT colleges in Navi Mumbai, you will get the opportunity of becoming a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, or sports physio rehabilitator whereas if you study diploma in physiotherapy you will get job opportunities such as assistant physiotherapist, or private physiotherapist, etc.

5. Eligibility requirement- You need to be realistic while checking the eligibility requirement of different physiotherapy courses at different colleges. You know your potential and how much you can score in your 12th-grade or bachelor’s degree of physiotherapy and should apply to the physiotherapy courses you feel you can meet the eligibility criteria for.

6. College Reputation- Studying in the top physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai will help you learn industry-approved course curriculum, help you get a better understanding of physiotherapy concepts, make you a skilled professional, and also help you in getting better career opportunities.

7. Placement- It is also important to consider training & placement opportunities available at the college while choosing the BPT & best MPT colleges in Mumbai. Because as a student, you will always seek a good return on investment in the degree you invested your 2-4 years of time, effort, and money.

Why Choose Terna Physiotherapy College to study Physiotherapy courses

  • Terna Physiotherapy College offers excellent infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories, libraries, residential facilities, etc.
  • The college is also a recognised name amongst the best MPT colleges in Mumbai for its top-notch course curriculum and placement facilities.
  • The faculty members at this college are highly experienced & qualified in their subject domain.

Final words,

We hope this blog will act as a helping guide and you will choose the best physiotherapy course for yourself. Additionally, choosing the right college is equally important. So, if you want to earn a physiotherapy degree that offers the most value, you can consider checking out the leading physiotherapy colleges in Navi Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why you should study a physiotherapy course?

You should choose to study physiotherapy courses-

  • Due to changes in the lifestyle of people and chronic diseases resulting in increasing demand for qualified physiotherapists.
  • The high earning potential with countless career opportunities.
  • Opportunity to improve a patient’s quality of life by treating them.
  1. Which is better: Pharmacy or physiotherapy?

Pharmacy & physiotherapy both courses belong to paramedical sciences and offer enormous career opportunities in both fields. And students should choose their stream based on their interests and career goals.

  1. Does physiotherapy require NEET?

NEET is not mandatory to get admission to all physiotherapy colleges. However, some of the top institutes like Terna medical college require NEET to give students admission to their BPT courses.

  1. Is BPT a good career Option?

Yes, BPT is a good career option. Students with a BPT degree are recruited in hospitals, fitness centres, the pharma industry, sports facilities, clinics, and rehabilitation centres in both public & private organisations.

  1. Which is best BPT or BSC in physiotherapy?

Both BPT  & BSc physiotherapy are undergraduate courses in physiotherapy and the BPT course is considered slightly more valuable than BSC in physiotherapy as it offers a detailed understanding of Physiotherapy concepts and career opportunities.

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