Wow! How Dreamy The Crystal Ball Is

A crystal ball is a sphere made of crystal or glass. It is sometimes referred to as a shew stone. Some people believe that they can use a crystal ball to enhance their psychic powers and even see from a thousand miles away.

While it’s difficult to see the real crystal ball by ourselves in our life. But you can experience the another kind of ball which is similar with the crystal ball under the moonlight.

Find your own “crystal ball”

The moon bathed the countryside in a silver light. This clear cheap zorb balls as you can see from this picture catches many people’s eyes. If you are moved with its myth, let’s know more about this zorb ball.

Called as “Zorb Ball 2.5M Transparent Tear Resistant Top Quality TPU For Child Adult Kameymall”, this zorb ball is clear with 0.8mm TPU for its material. And the size is 2.5m diameter so it’s bigger than others. If you select this zorb ball you can also receive some accessories, such as the carry bag for each ball and the repair kit. What’s more you should know how to use this zorb ball.


  1. Make sure there are no sharp objects on the ground when playing this game. Carpeting is required on the common ground.
  2. No keys, mobile phones, glasses or small sharp ornaments are allowed during the game.
  3. Check that the foam football is in good condition and that the strap and handle are secure before the game.
  4. Please keep the “UP” sign on the foam football in the right direction and do not slide on the foam football in the wrong direction.
  5. Players should fasten their belts and hold both handles.
  6. Children should be accompanied by an adult during the game.
  7. Please use a tear aid (type B) to hold the bubble in place.

There are so many zorbing games to play

Another reason why people never seem to get bored when zorbing is that there are so many different types of games to play games that would certainly not be as safe, if not impossible, without an inflatable protective layer.

When you’re just starting out, we recommend playing the traditional Zorbing game.

when you’re ready to try the next level, you can try different things like sumo wrestling inside a sled ball, human sled bowling, or even pulling across water inside a sled ball!

Perhaps the most popular game is zorbing football. The rules are mostly similar to standard football, i.e. you need to keep the ball in bounds and score as many goals as possible during the game.


Before enjoying zorbing under the moonlight, buy this clear zorb ball which reflects the color of moonlight from Kameymall and have a try!

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