10 Important Ghost Hunting Tips for Beginners

Did you know that 67 percent of people in the United States of America believe that they’ve experienced or seen paranormal activity at some point in their lives? Movies like The Conjuring and Insidious might make the spiritual world look terrifying but that doesn’t stop millions of people across the country from hunting for ghosts.

Ghost hunting is a fun way to get out with friends and investigate sites that contain a lot of spiritual energy. Learning how to hunt for ghosts is a bit of a process, but if you have a crew to explore with then there is no reason you can’t get started.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn about the signs of ghosts in the spots that you’re exploring and the dos and don’ts of ghost hunting. Keep reading to learn ten helpful tips today!

  1. Don’t Go Alone

A great rule of thumb that you should always stick to when it comes to ghost hunting is to never, under any circumstances should you go by yourself. Always bring at least one or two friends with you when you head out to the site where you hope to witness paranormal activity.

Not only are they great backups if something does end up going wrong but you can also validate what you heard and saw with them. It’s hard to know for sure what you’ve experienced if you don’t have someone that you trust to confirm that they experienced the same thing.

Many people that are stalwarts in the ghost hunting community maintain that they’re more afraid of people than they are of the ghosts that they’re hunting. It’s best to avoid places that look abandoned since you never know where someone might be living.

  1. Choose Places That Are Accessible

Another tip to use when you start hunting for ghosts is to find places that are easy to access. You’ll want to have a strong idea of places that are reported to have a lot of paranormal activity and ghost sightings for starters. Once you’ve confirmed that it is a site with a lot of energy you’ll want to confirm that it’s available for public access.

Always avoid trespassing onto the property of others when you’re looking for signs of ghosts out in the world. Ask for written consent from the owner of the property before you start exploring it. Taking this extra step will help you avoid legal trouble and some extra court fees.

Ask for permission to explore private structures or areas to make sure that you’re allowed to be there. You also need to know how to get there and how to get back.

  1. Go During the Day

You don’t always need to visit the site during daylight hours, but going during the day will get you a better feel for what the place is like during those hours. It’s a great way to find the hotspots where you’re most likely to witness paranormal activity. A pro tip is to take the extra step of drawing up a map of the area for easier navigation in the future.

It’s also a perfect time to look for any obstacles or other issues that might limit your access to the site. You don’t want to explore a building where the ceiling could collapse on you at any moment. Include all of the hazards on your map of the area when you go for your initial exploration of the site.

  1. Do Your Prep

Many novice ghost hunters make the mistake of not preparing ahead of time for their ghost hunting adventures. You need to look at ghost hunting like you would a big hike in the mountains, where the environment is out of your control. Many paranormal investigators have encountered spirits that could drain fully-charged batteries from electronic devices.

If the equipment that you plan to use has the ability to swap out batteries then it’s best to bring multiple sets of batteries with you. If the main battery gets drained by paranormal activity then you can put the new one in and get back to hunting. The Spirit Shack spirit box is a great piece of equipment that you’ll want to bring on each journey into the spiritual realm.

Bringing a camera is a good idea to capture any footage of what you see and hear. Take time before you enter the haunted site to get all of your camera settings right for the light and other conditions.

  1. Say a Prayer

It sounds a bit cliche, but you’ll want to perform a prayer for added protection prior to entering the haunted building or site. If you don’t believe in prayer then releasing some positive energy out into the world is a great alternative to protect yourself from negative energy in the site. Taking this step allows the energy in the site to know that you’re not there for any bad reasons.

  1. Take Your Time

Many people make the mistake of barging into a home or a building that is notorious for signs of ghosts. Think of ghost hunting as similar to scuba diving. You don’t want to jump into the spot where you’re diving since that will scare a lot of the fish away.

Wading into the haunted area is the best way to move forward since it won’t disturb any spirits. It could become a negative experience if you barge in and start capturing everything that you see with your phone. Ironically, you might experience some paranormal activity though it might not be what you pictured.

Always remember that the spirits that you’re seeking out were once people, and they have boundaries of their own that you need to respect. Start hunting for ghosts in a calm and patient manner.

  1. Communicate With the Ghosts

An effective way of breaking the ice when you’re ghost hunting is to attempt to communicate or get in touch with the spirits that reside in that space. It’s good to let the spirits know that you don’t mean them any harm and to ask them for permission to explore the space.

If you’re feeling bold you can even extend invitations to the spirits in the vicinity to be in the pictures of videos that you’re capturing. Make sure you thank them if they make an appearance. Explaining what equipment you’re using will also put the spirits more at ease when you’re around.

Ghosts might not realize how much technology has changed since their time on Earth, so it’s possible that they’ll be worried about what you’re using in their space. Don’t be afraid to thank the spirits for allowing you to visit, and don’t forget to ask them kindly not to follow you.

  1. Trust Your Gut

You need to trust your instincts when you start ghost hunting on a consistent basis. If you get that itch to take a picture of the corner of the dark room then you should do it and ask questions later. If you can sense that a spirit wants to communicate with you then you should open yourself to that conversation.

The same tip goes for any time that you feel a big urge to leave. That’s a sign that you’re somewhere where you’re not wanted and that you’re not safe.

  1. Say Another Prayer or Blessing

A good rule of thumb is to always say a prayer or speak some positivity into existence after you leave a haunted space. It’s another chance to ask the spirits to avoid following you and to keep anything from “sticking” to you or your friends after you’ve left. People have reported having paranormal activity follow them home after a ghost hunting session.

A smoke cleansing ritual is a great way to cleanse your body and spirit of any negative energy that might have stuck to you. It will also open the door for more positive energy to enter your life.

  1. Leave No Trace

Arguably the biggest tenet of ghost hunting is to leave no trace of your adventure. You need to respect both the dead and the living when you’re ghost hunting, and that means putting things back where you found them and carrying out everything that you walked in with. Don’t be afraid to touch tombstones, walls, and photos in these spaces, but don’t ever take anything with you.

Messing with the items in the haunted space will cause some big-time negativity in the spiritual world. This is the most common way that spirits will stick to someone that is looking for signs of ghosts.

Start Your Ghost Hunting Career Today

Though Halloween might be the most common time to go hunting for ghosts, there is never a bad time to start ghost hunting with your closest friends. You should always scout out the location during daylight hours to get a good idea of any obstacles or dangerous areas. It’s also good to get written permission before exploring structures, and you should always leave no trace of your adventures out of respect for the spiritual world.

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