What Are The Best Available Over-Ear Headphones At Soundcore?

What Are The Best Available Over-Ear Headphones At Soundcore?

The market is full of headphones, you can buy noise-reducing or sweatproof headphones. You have wired and wireless in your choices. But it has been observed that wireless phones have battery issues and you may face fitting issues. 

If you want to buy headphones with valuable battery life and portability then over-ear headphones are the probably best choice for you. They are slightly heavier but with better audio quality and active noise cancellation.

Hence, you are allowed to get any kind of over-ear headphones based on your requirement and budget. Given are some top list headphones available at Soundcore that are having a distinct position amongst all the over-ear headphones. So without wasting time, let us have a look at them:

Life Q10

Its base-up technology can automatically analyse the low frequency in real-time and instantly increase it. If you use these headphones for 2 hours a day then you can easily cover the entire month in a single charge. The charging speed of it is also very fast as if you charge 5 minutes then it can be used for 5 hours.


  • It cost only $49.99 hence is budget friendly
  • Has more battery life
  • You can get infinite playtime using its 3.5mm audio part

Life Q20

Life Q20 allows you to enjoy its noise cancelling mode through which it can cancel all the mid and low frequencies. The single charge can carry 10 hours of continuous working by keeping the volume at 60% but on the Standard mode, listening timing will extend to 60 hours. The form will mould according to your ears and the band will automatically adjust to fit your head. 


  • Available in black, blue and grey colour.
  • Cost only $59.99
  • Comfortable

Life Q20+

Life Q20+ has 4 ANC microphones and it also has an advanced noise cancelling technology through which it can cancel the small and mid frequency of noise such as vehicle sound or people talking, etc. You can enjoy 40-hour timing of it if your volume is about 60% in addition it can also extend to 60 hours in the standard model.


  • Available for only $69.99
  • Allow multiple connections
  • Has lots of assisting modes

Life Q30

Life Q30 is available in 3 modes where transport mode helps to reduce the engine noise, the outdoor mode reduces the traffic and the indoor mode works to get rid of the noise of busy offices. You can even hear a single detail of your favourite song. You can listen to music for up to 40 hours in noise cancelling mode and a standard mode can extend to 60 hours.


  • Available for $79.99
  • Contain ultra soft protein leather earcups
  • Contain multiple modes

Life Q35

It can carry more data from mobile to headphones than earbuds. By listening to it, you can hear even tiny details of the music. Each pair of headphones carry 2 microphones. The weight of these headphones is very light and the quality of the foam is incredible. If you remove headphones from your ear, the music will automatically stop.


  • Its selling price is $129.99
  • Able to pick up the voice accurately
  • Equipped with LDAC technology 

Ending thoughts

If you are in search of the best over-ear headphone then the above article may be helpful for you. We have tired of explaining the best over-ear headphones with all their specifications as well as the price so that you don’t have to search much about them. All the above-discussed headphones have the basic features that are demanded by every listener. 

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