Top 3 Tools to Use for Audio Enhancement

Podcasters, vloggers, journalists, or other professionals involved in social media earning, need the AI tools for the effortless transformation of a poor-quality audio or video file into a professional-grade voice within seconds.

AI audio enhancement tools are the most affordable and efficient way to effortlessly upgrade ordinary audio or video into a professional-grade sound.

By eliminating the background noise, cleaning up spoken content, and balancing the voice pitch, AI audio improver tools make sure that the user gets the best version and most impactful of their media files.

Podcasters, journalists, vloggers, voice-over narrators, and other professionals who do not have access or availability to professional instruments or studios can utilize the following 03 best audio enhancer tools to get pro-level audio or video files in the blink of an eye.

1. is a free and efficient audio quality improvement tool that can provide you with a high-quality voice in a matter of seconds.

Its built-in ML algorithms enable the tool to


  • Removes background

Cleaning the background in the provided audio or video recordings is one of the fundamental functions that this incredible audio enhancement tool can perform.

Whether it is the environmental sounds, distortion from low-quality instruments used for recording, or connectivity disruptions, the AI audio enhancer can identify and remove all, giving you crystal clear and polished audio in no time.

  • Fix voice pitch and levels

To ensure the voice is audible, pleasant, and consistent, the free audio enhancer will adjust the loudness as needed in podcasts, interviews, e-lectures, meetings, conferences, etc.

If the voice pitch is too low to hear, the tool will amplify it; if it is too high, potentially causing annoyance and making the audio resemble voice abuse, the tool will lower its pitch to make it smooth and pleasant to hear.

  • Fine-tune spoken content

clarity of spoken content is the key factor in audio. You can use an AI audio improver to fine-tune and clean up the wordy content to make it understandable.

  • Customizable “content-type” selection

It gives the user the choice to select the type of they have and the most relevant and preferred kind of enhancement. This customizable content and enhancement type feature is the tool’s specialty.

  • Free, efficient, and reliable is user-friendly, free, and one of the most reliable and efficient tools for audio quality improvement. Therefore, recommended for both beginners as well as professionals.

2. is an AI-powered sound quality improver tool available online. As its name indicates, it is specifically designed to remove background distortions or disturbances, however, can also clean up the spoken content in an audio or video file, and balance the voice to make it smooth and audible.

It is free for infinite audio enhancements, accessible to the user without any sign-up, and will be available to their aid 24/7. Additionally, it allows the user to choose the type of content they need to improve and the most relevant type of enhancement they need in their media files.

  • Clean the background sound elements in media files

The audio improver can be used to clear all unwanted hums, hisses, clicks, etc. to let the user focus on the primary voice throughout the audio or video.

  • Balance voice loudness and levels

In non-professional settings, the abrupt fluctuations in voice are obvious which is distracting and annoying for the listeners.

However, it is not an issue when you have It can efficiently balance the voice in the provided files, making it smooth and consistent.

  • User-friendly audio enhancer

It is one of the simplest-to-operate tools for improving the sound quality and clarity in audio or video recordings.

No sign-u or captcha submission is there. Additionally, it accepts media files of sizes up to 50MB and 5min long.

  • Flexible for content type selection

By giving the user the choice to choose the type of audio or video they are submitting to the tool, the audio enhancer shows how smart it is.

It is important enough to detect the provided media to perform the most required changes in them to ensure optimal results in the diverse kinds of audio or video recordings.

3.   Audio Enhancer by

Audio Enhancer by is a voice improver cum editor tool for free. It is an AI-powered tool designed to identify the disturbing elements in an audio or video file and remove or balance them to bring the listener’s focus to the primary voice only.

  • Removes background noise from media files

Removing the background noise is one of the key features of this smart tool. It will identify and differentiate between the primary voice and unnecessary sounds, and remove them. As a result, the primary voice will automatically become clearer and understandable.

  • Improvs overall sound quality in audio/video

The tool will fine-tune the primary voice, clear all the background noise elements, and balance voice loudness so the output voice will be refined, audible, consistent, and sound professional level.

  • Free and fast

Noise remover by is free to use, efficient, and keeping in view the platform design, it is reckoned to professional users.


The above-discussed top 3 tools used for audio enhancement are all free, reliable, and the most efficient platforms for effortless and quality improvement of audio or video recordings.

If we talk about “”, it is the most versatile, advanced, and effective among the rest, therefore recommended for both beginners and professionals.

Number second is “”. It is also an efficient audio enhancement tool and can be used for fundamental improvements in ordinary audio or video to make it a professional-level media file.

Lastly, “Audio Enhancer by” is a free, advanced, and efficient tool, however, a little bit complex especially for novices.

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