The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Play Bet88 Baccarat for Newbies

How to play Baccarat Bet88 is something you must learn if you want to start this attractive card game. Not only that, being thorough about the rules can also help you master the “favorite” of the casino. Together Bet88 Bookmaker Portal Update the latest Baccarat playing guide!

What is outstanding about the Bet88 Baccarat card game?

To understand how to play Baccarat Bet88 specifically, we must first grasp its nature. Accordingly, Baccarat is also known by another name, table game.

This game still uses the familiar 52-card deck like other classic card games. Furthermore, thanks to the remarkable progress of internet technology, the online casino like Bet88 is growing stronger and stronger.

Nowadays, gambling enthusiasts do not need to go directly to the casino like before to still be able to participate. Just visit Bet88 and you can play Baccarat in a format similar to the live format.

The way to play Bet88 Baccarat is considered similar to the 3-card Scratch Card version in Vietnam. This game will determine the winner or loser by comparing the scores between the sides. If which side’s total score is greater, the player betting on that side will win.

As introduced in the beginning, the card game Baccarat is called a “favorite” because it has a very high probability of winning. Therefore, many gamblers have considered playing Baccarat Bet88 as their “forte”. Therefore, it can be said that Baccarat is a potential way to entertain and make money that every player loves.

Extremely easy instructions on how to play Baccarat Bet88 for newbies

To quickly grasp how to play Baccarat Bet88, First, you must clearly understand the basic rules of this card game. Specifically:

Baccarat rules

When participating in the game, players will place bets on the following doors:

  • Player: You bet on the player to win, odds 1:1
  • Banker: You bet on the house winning, odds 1:0.95
  • Tie: You bet on a tie, meaning the dealer and player have the same number of points; eating ratio 1:8

Participants only need to bet on the door they analyzed and selected previously. The remaining work will be done by the dealer of the house. After the player finishes betting, the dealer will deal 2 cards to Banker and Player, each side. By this rule, the house will be able to determine the winner or loser for each Baccarat game.

How to calculate points in Baccarat

How to calculate points in the game is equally important as the rules you need to know if you want to learn how to play Baccarat Bet88. Specifically:

  • Ace: 1 point
  • Numbers 2 – 9: Points correspond to the number printed on the card
  • Cards 10, J, Q, K: Also equal 0 points

In Baccarat, the score of 9 will be the largest. Therefore, if 2 cards have a total of 2 digits, only the points in the units place will be taken.

Rule of drawing more cards

Depending on the score of the first 2 cards dealt, the parties will consider whether they have the right to draw a third card or not. Specifically:

Family (Player)

  • If the total score of 2 cards is 0-5, the player can draw a third card
  • If the total score of 2 cards is 6-7, the player cannot draw a third card and must wait to compare the results.
  • If the total of 2 cards is 8-9, this is a natural winning point so the player does not need to draw a third card.


In the following cases, the dealer will be allowed to draw a third card, specifically:

  • If the total score of the first 2 cards is 0-2
  • If the total score of 2 cards is 3 and the Player’s 3rd card is not 8
  • If the total score of the 2 cards is 4 and the Player’s 3rd card is not 0, 1, 8, 9
  • If the total score of 2 cards is 5 and the Player’s 3rd card is cards 4-7
  • If the total score of 2 cards is 6 and the Player’s 3rd card is 6 and 8
  • If the total score of 2 cards is 7 or more, the dealer is not allowed to draw a third card

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The law determines winning and losing

  • First, the player will place a bet on one of three bets: Player, Banker or Tie
  • After dealing and drawing cards according to the above rules, the Player and Banker sides will compare the scores. Whichever side has more points, the player who placed that bet will win and receive a reward
  • In case Banker and Player have equal points, the person who placed the Tie bet will win.

Therefore, how to play Bet88 Baccarat is considered extremely simple. Even if you are a newbie or new player entering this arena, you will easily be able to participate. Understanding the basic rules will help you improve your level in the game significantly. At the same time, from there you can form an effective strategy to quickly conquer Baccarat and receive all the prize money.


At this point, you must have clearly understood how to play Baccarat Bet88 and are ready to fight, right? So what are you waiting for? Come to Bet88 to show off your killer skills today!

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