Chicken’s Legs Paralyzed by Wind and the Most Effective Treatment

The chicken’s legs were paralyzed by the wind This is not a rare situation in livestock farming. This condition will have a very negative impact on the health and fighting ability of fighting cocks. So let’s find out the most effective ways to treat and prevent it.

What disease causes chickens to be paralyzed by the wind?

Vietnamese people often use the word windstroke to refer to situations where healthy people or animals suddenly have convulsions, necks are crooked, legs are paralyzed, and walking is unsteady. According to science, the cause of this case is a sudden cold that causes the nerve muscles to contract.

When a chicken is hit by the wind and is rescued promptly, it will not leave many sequelae. And the way to treat windstroke paralysis in chickens is also quite simple.

In addition, you need to know how to distinguish between chickens that are paralyzed by wind or sick. If you see that the chicken is moody and tired for a period of time before its legs become paralyzed, the cause is illness. If after just one night, from healthy to paralyzed, there is a high possibility of being hit by the wind.

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Instructions on how to treat windstroke paralysis in chickens

Normally, when a chicken is hit by the wind and its legs are paralyzed, people will give first aid using folk methods. Only when there is an influence from other causes can drugs be used for treatment.

Treating paralysis of the legs in chickens by wind with kerosene

Kerosene is hot and warm, so it is often used to give first aid to chickens when hit by the wind. The method is very simple, you just need to apply kerosene all over the chicken’s neck and legs. Then massage gently by rubbing both palms together to create warmth and then apply to the chicken’s neck and legs to stimulate blood circulation.

Although it is a fairly simple folk method, this treatment is surprisingly effective. After only a few days, the cock can walk normally.

Treat wind-stricken chickens with cinnamon wine

In some regions, people will use cinnamon wine to treat chickens that have been paralyzed by the wind. At this time, please prepare a bowl of cinnamon wine to massage the chicken’s body to help stimulate blood circulation. At the same time, relax muscles to reduce windstroke.

If you don’t have cinnamon wine, you can use ginger root which is also very effective. This treatment method is applied by many cockers in the process of taking care of the health of fighting cocks.

Chickens were hit by wind and their legs were paralyzed, using wind oil for emergency treatment

This method is used when the chicken is hit by the wind or can be used regularly to massage the chicken. Wind oil is easy to find and is available in almost every Vietnamese family.

Just like the above two methods, you use wind oil to massage the whole body to help the chicken regenerate heat, helping to relax muscles contracted due to cold. However, this oil has a strong smell, so when the fighting chicken is healthy, you should wipe it off to remove the remaining oil on the skin and feathers.

Ways to prevent chickens from being hit by wind and having their legs paralyzed

Prevention is the best way to prevent chickens from encountering this condition. Therefore, please refer to the following ways to prevent chickens from being paralyzed by wind:

Vaccination for fighting cocks

This is the only way to prevent and cure the condition of chickens being paralyzed by the wind. When fully vaccinated, it will help prevent potential diseases and reduce the death rate of chickens. Nowadays, vaccination of chickens is very easy, low cost and reduces risks.

Clean the barn

To prevent chickens from being hit by the wind and causing paralysis of their legs, you need to keep the barn clean to ensure the best quality of life. This will help the chickens have good health and limit attacks by bacteria.

To ensure the barn is cool and clean, cover it with sand and sprinkle lime powder around it. At the same time, perform regular disinfection and build high cages for good ventilation to limit the situation of chickens being paralyzed by the wind.

Reasonable and complete diet

Make sure the chickens are well fed with enough nutrients, including effective foods such as beef, frogs, vegetables, oysters, etc. Having a reasonable diet will help keep the chickens healthy. strong and minimize the condition of her being hit by the wind and paralyzing her legs.

Chicken care regime

The last way to prevent chickens from being hit by the wind is to expose the chickens to the sun regularly to synthesize vitamins effectively. Besides, you should massage the cock to make it healthier. In addition, you can also apply many other treatments depending on the actual situation to best treat this condition.

The article above is detailed information about The chicken’s legs were paralyzed by the wind with effective treatment and prevention. Hopefully, with debet sharing, you will understand more about this issue in fighting cocks as well as know how to care for your cocks to have the best health.

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