The Hot New Trend In Smoking: NUSO Heated Tobacco

The NUSO heated tobacco is an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. In this article, you will learn all information about what NUSO heated tobacco is, what it can be used for, and how convenient they are!

What is NUSO Heated Tobacco?

Hailed as the next big trend, NUSO heated tobacco is a new way to enjoy your tobacco products. Essentially, heated tobacco is used by being heated, not burnt, which is the key factor in HTPs’ differing from traditional cigarettes and being considered risk-reduced products. The idea is that you can smoke more easily and significantly reduce the harm it takes for tobacco to burn.

Why Turn To NUSO Heated Tobacco

When it comes to smoking, there are a few different options available to consumers. Here are some features of NUSO heated tobacco which attract many smokers to turn to it:

  1. NUSO heated tobacco is more pleasurable. Traditional smoking involves taking in smoke and burning it down your throat, which can be difficult and unpleasant. With Nuso heated tobacco, you heat the tobacco instead of burning it, which results in a more enjoyable experience.
  2. NUSO heated tobacco is risk-reduced products. NUSO heated tobacco is less harmful than traditional cigarettes because it doesn’t need to burn in order to avoid producing smoke containing hundreds of harmful chemicals. In fact, while being heated, the NUSO heated tobacco generates a kind of aerosol which is a suspension of liquid and fine solid particles in a gas (usually air) that looks like smoke emitted from cigarettes. In contrast, it is not the smoke generated from traditional tobacco.
  3. NUSO heated tobacco is more affordable. Heated tobacco costs usually less than traditional smoking supplies, such as cigarettes and cigars.
  4. NUSO heated tobacco reduces pollution. The smoke and ash generated by burning cigarettes greatly impact both health and the environment. Unlike traditional cigarettes, Nuso heated tobacco doesn’t produce ash or smoke.


Recently, a new hot smoking trend among smokers has been: NUSO heated tobacco. Heated tobacco products are designed to be sticks and can be generally inserted into an electronic device that allows them to be heated at a relatively low temperature, increasing the pleasure and satisfaction when smoking. The development of Nuso heated tobacco can be an attempt to help those who cannot quit smoking then, for switching to heated tobacco may partly reduce some risk of health and environmental problems caused by cigarettes.

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