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Feminine nature is the passion, sexuality and playfulness of a cat. What other accessory can make a woman feel like a confident and irresistible vamp or ancient goddess? Of course the leather harness women!

Why Leather Harness is popular

Women’s harness confidently broke into the world of fashion and won millions of fans around the world. She flashes not only on the catwalks of famous fashion houses, often girls in stylish leather accessories can be seen on the street, in a cafe, at a fashion party.

A number of controversial stereotypes from belonging to BDSM or other directions and sexual cultures, as well as the indisputable opinion that a woman in openwork leather straps wrapping around her waist, chest or hips, adds a “zest” to the harness and looks sexy and bold.

It allows the fair sex to be even more seductive and desirable for men, to feel their true femininity and not be afraid to demonstrate it.

How to choose Harness products correctly

Harness for women is not suitable for everyone, this accessory is very “finicky”. However, this does not mean that there are no options and designs that you cannot choose for yourself.

It is believed that women should not wear a belt with:

  • postural disorders and problems with the spine (visible curvature, scoliosis, etc.)
  • broad shoulders and massive chest
  • overweight women.

We believe that each case is individual and there are no restrictions if your nature is prone to experiments and you know how to fantasize. After all, a massive chest can be emphasized with a corset, a figure with broad shoulders can be balanced with accents on the lower part with the help of legs garters, proportionality can be achieved with the help of a wide leather bondage belt, and posture violations will not prevent you from creating sexy images with the help of a full body harness, leather lingerie or garter thigh.

The only and important rule is to pick the right material, size and model.

We will talk about this further.

1. Choose the material of the harness

We live in the age of technology, the creation of new materials and substances. These technologies also make changes to the world of fashion: new fibers, fabrics, materials, ways of processing them appear. You can find woman harness from a variety of materials, the most common of them:

  • genuine Leather
  • artificial leather
  • silicone or latex
  • textiles
  • rubber
  • metal (harness made of chains, rings, etc.).

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would like to note genuine leather as the most successful solution, since this material is associated with sexuality, in addition, it is durable, environmentally friendly and practical.

Artificial leather of good processing is practically in no way inferior to natural, but it will not cost significantly less, and the service life will be shorter.

Textiles and elastic are convenient for wearing the belt as a sexy set within the bedroom, and chains are a versatile option – bright and elegant, which goes well with all those already listed.

2. Choose your size correctly

This issue must be approached with particular care, since the expected effect of the harness will be only if it “perfectly fits” on your figure. The right size of the product allows you to feel comfortable, does not overtighten certain parts of the body, does not hang freely, brings you aesthetic pleasure from your appearance and your new image.

As a rule, self-respecting manufacturers of leather belts provide for adjustment straps with buckles that organically fit into the geometry of the product, and you are given the opportunity to adjust the length of the straps for comfortable wearing over clothes, bodysuit or naked body.

If you are still in doubt about how to choose the right size according to the manufacturer’s size charts, then some well-known brands, like Obsessharness, make products according to individual parameters and advise the buyer on the correct measurements and choice of models.

3. Choosing a model and color

Each piece of harness style is used for specific purposes and situations in which it will shine on you – everyday wear, a special occasion, a themed party or role-play in the bedroom. Therefore, the choice of models depends on how and where you will wear it.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that well-known stores usually create collections and lines of accessories that go well together and you can compose your set in such a way that its individual parts can be worn on clothes and everyday (leg garters, choker, bondage belt), and others, complete with those listed, can be used to create your own erotic image or role-playing games (chokers sexual with a leash and bdsm handcuffs, a leather cage bra with crotchless panties or a strap on harness).

As for the choice of color, here we can only talk about the general rules, since each fashionista has her own personal preferences and this is absolutely correct.

A black harness is considered a universal option for all types of appearance and skin color, the flesh one looks advantageous on dark skin, and the red one is bright and is rightfully considered the most erotic. Bright colors look beautiful on pale skin – lilac, wine, yellow, sea wave and emerald green.

Where to buy a Leather Harness

If your wardrobe does not have a leather harness and you decide to purchase it, then it is better to choose a product from trusted brands and buy in a store where you can try it on.

If you’re shopping online, then you definitely shouldn’t save. After all, you can get hooked by unscrupulous manufacturers and your expectations will be very far from reality.

Online store is a direct manufacturer. In the catalog you will find more than 150 models of harnesses and kink accessories for any occasion. Our store consultants will help you choose a model and answer all your questions about the purchase. We operate worldwide and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

We do our work with love for you.

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