Review of 2023 GAC MOTOR Compact SUV EMKOO

Review of 2023 GAC MOTOR Compact SUV EMKOO

Are you searching for a compact SUV with fuel efficiency, performance, safety and technological features? Super, you have come to the right place. This post will discuss GAC MOTOR’S new model, the EMKOO. Let’s start through the exterior, interior setting and features, performance and then close with its safety.


You can get the GAC MOTOR EMKOO in either white, gray or green colors. But there is still an option for the sleek black. At its front, it is defined with a V-shaped grille. Its functionality starts with the LED daytime lighting fixture and the automated headlamps.

Then looks are complete with a tailgate, moisture-sensor wipers, folding side mirrors on and mechanic spoilers. Door handles are hidden, and you can have 2 tire options.


On the inside, anything goes, be it you prefer, beige or a dark interior. Still, you can go blood red with the option of leather or fabric seats available. As for the driver’s seat, it is manual or automatically adjustable. The front passenger seat offers the same but in 4 ways. Coming to the second row, you get adjustable brackets, the 4/6 split features and centered armrests.

Your refinement is courtesy of a separate touch panel and an LCD instrument panel. The air is clean, and you have the automatic conditioner to thank. The 2nd-row conditioning vent and air quality control sensor also improve automotive perfection.

Then, you have six speakers for audio and sounds, which can be linked to Bluetooth and intertwined with Apple or Android car play. There are USB ports on the second and first row to charge your phone.



On the roads, you have a customized approach with two engine options. This is the 1.5TG and the 2.0 ATK. Respectively, they give the 1497cc and 1999cc displacement. On the same note, you can expect 177hp for the 1.5 and 140hp on the 2.0 ATK.

On the same note, the EMKOO remains fuel efficient, consuming only 1 liter per 16.1 kilometers. That is for the 1.5TG engine. The 2.0ATK only takes a liter for every 22.1km.

Driving Mode and Safety

Where most people need help is choosing a car based on performance and tech features and overlooking safety and security features. The first to check is if your car has an anti-theft alarm, like the EMKOO.

Secondly, the GAC MOTOR EMKOO has eco and sport driving modes that suit different driving modes. And you don’t have to worry about collisions getting you off-guard. You have the side curtain airbags, front airbags and collision detection alarm. Its structure is rigid with the McPherson chassis.

If you have a child, their safety will be guaranteed with the ISOFIX, seat belts and Restraint Systems. What’s more, EMKOO remains stable on the road thanks to the electronic Stabilizer and hill descent control.

The Adaptive Cruise Control, Automated Emergency Braking system, and Lane Keep assist further in completing the set-up. Parking is easy with an electronic parking brake, parking sensor and rear-view camera.

Wrap Up

Where there is fuel economy, performance tends to be compromised. And even if you get both, safety and technological features may be an issue. However, GAC MOTOR believes in perfection. Suffice it to say the EMKOO is giving you all.

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