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Online cockfighting For many years, it has been the most popular product on all platforms. This type of entertainment attracts people to exciting competitions with high odds. If you want to know more about this famous service, we invite you to learn more about it in the article below.
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What is the definition of online cockfighting?

Players are no longer strangers to cockfighting or cockfighting. This is a form of entertainment that has existed for a long time in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia…

Here, two carefully selected fighting cocks will compete against each other to see who wins. To make the match more attractive, participants will place bets to choose the better fighting cock. If the guess is correct, the member will be rewarded according to the predetermined rate.

In recent years, people have been able to organize games online cockfighting. Now, even without having to go there, you can still watch dramatic confrontations and bet on matches. Online betting helps every user get in touch with this sport.

Comparison between traditional cockfighting and online cockfighting

These two forms of entertainment are similar but different. If traditional cockfighting is held in arenas or crowded venues online cockfighting takes place on the Internet platform.

Nowadays, gathering together at the right time to watch cockfighting is not easy. Therefore, online cockfighting is much more convenient because you can watch it easily even at home.

In essence, the way of playing and organizing the match is completely similar. Watching the match and placing bets is no different. The only difference is that on one side you can have convenient entertainment, on the other side you can watch the match in real life.

The most attractive types of online cockfighting today

After many types of existence, cockfighting now has many diverse genres. This gives members unforgettable entertainment experiences, join us to learn about the diversity of this type


Breed chicken is an indigenous breed of chicken raised in Vietnam. They are cared for and trained by farmers to interact at village festivals. The advantage of this breed of chicken is that it is extremely healthy, so it always brings dramatic competitions.

Online bantam cockfighting

If you like online cockfighting, you will know the divine bantam breed. Although they have a very small body, only 500 – 700 grams, they are extremely agile and have durable fighting power. That’s why people always love and look forward to matches with the participation of bantams.
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Online cockfighting with spurs

If you want to enjoy a dramatic match, you must definitely watch cockfighting. In this form of competition, each chicken will have a sharp knife spur attached to its leg. This gives them more strength to always deliver finishing blows to their opponents.

Dramatic iron spur cockfighting

Similar to above, in iron spur cockfighting, people will add long and sharp iron spurs to the fighting cock’s legs. This weapon can penetrate flesh and kill opponents in just a few hits. That’s why these matches usually don’t last as long as other types of cockfighting.

Thomo online cockfighting

If you have ever played betting, you are no stranger to Thomo cockfighting. This is where many of the world’s No. 1 cock fighting arenas gather with hundreds of matches taking place every day. When it comes to attractiveness, no other place can compare to Thomo in terms of cockfighting.

Some of the most popular forms of betting in online cockfighting

If you want to bet on cockfighting, you must clearly understand the types of bets. This type of entertainment does not use as many bets as sports so it is very easy to get used to.

  • Meron: Bet on the dealer’s cock or the Joker’s cock to win this match.
  • Wala: You choose to bet on the cock of the away team or the player will win.
  • BDD: You predict a draw for the contest between the two cocks

Tips for betting on online cockfighting to always win for bettors

This type of entertainment is not only dramatic but also brings many opportunities to make money. If you want to do that, members should refer to the experiences of the house New88 will share below.

Learn how to observe the health status of fighting chickens online

Before placing a bet, you need to constantly observe and predict the health situation of the fighting cocks. If they show signs of fatigue and weakness, it’s best not to choose them. The list is sometimes not strong, so you have to be careful and pay attention to every detail to increase your chances of winning.

Learn about fighting cocks and achievements in online cockfighting competitions

Currently, every bookmaker has updated detailed information about fighting cocks. Please learn carefully about them and pay special attention to their achievements. People with experience online cockfighting believes that cockfighters who compete stably and have a high winning rate will bring big winning opportunities to members.

Consider the amount of capital to bet on each match accordingly

You need to know that not every match should be bet. If you see insufficient information or there are unusual signs, it is best to avoid betting to avoid losing money.

Before betting, you need to learn how to manage capital effectively. Consider the amount you can bet on each door and each match to not exceed 20% to avoid risks.

Suggest some of the most reputable online cockfighting brands on the market

Online cockfighting is now a super hit at every bookmaker. Some reputable and quality units include:

789bet – The cradle of online cockfighting

Not only does it attract players with promotional values, but this playground also makes members crazy because of its high reward rate. According to many people on the market, there is no betting website that pays rewards as high as 789bet. Thanks to this highlight, you always get “sweet fruit” when you win.

 New88 – Linked with Thomo to create a hot betting platform

When talking about Thomo cockfighting, we must mention  New88. The bookmaker has linked up with reputable cockfighting rings to create many thrilling matches that bring unique, endless entertainment. Thanks to that, even if you’re just at home, you can bet and watch live.

New88 – The bookmaker of all forms of rewards

Having a variety of games while providing safety for members is the advantage of New88. Especially when betting online cockfighting On the foundation, you can rest assured about the greenness. All forms of deposit and withdrawal are quickly supported such as bank accounts, e-wallets, scratch cards, USDT, etc. Each type will have specific instructions. In addition, the customer service system is always dedicated to serving 24/7.


Online cockfighting will not disappoint you with dramatic matches taking place every day. Now, keeping track of cockfights is much easier. Hopefully the above playing tips will help members quickly win.

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