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Although it has been on the market for quite a long time, there are still many players who do not know about Vietlott lottery. How to play, classify and reward structure of this game? Therefore, today New88 We will answer and provide detailed instructions on issues related to this game so that new players can have the most memorable experiences!
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Brief overview of Vietlott New88 lottery

Vietlott is a form of betting released by Vietnam Computer XS Limited Company (also known as Vietlott). This is the only lottery business in Vietnam that participates in the World Lottery Association and the Asia and Pacific Lottery Association.

Regarding how to play, bettors can freely choose their favorite number sequences based on each different type of ticket. After that, you will need to scan or monitor the results of the prize draw to know whether you won the prize or not. This is considered a game with great value rewards, even the largest in Vietnam at the present time.

Vietlott lottery classification

This game has been widely released in the form of computerized betting (called Lottery). There is an extremely high and attractive reward structure, which will be drawn publicly and directly. The main products of Vietlott lottery will include:

Game hay Power 6/55

Power 6/55 game is the betting game with the second largest winning amount in Vietnam, up to 1 billion VND. When participating, bettors only need to choose 6 out of 55 lucky balls to get a chance to win the Jackpot.

Mega 6/45 product

This is also the betting game with the largest gift in Vietnam, up to 2 billion VND. Bettors only need to choose 6 out of 45 balls to have a chance to receive the Jackpot result.

Vietlott Max 3D lottery

This game is a betting product with the third highest value in money received in Vietnam, the money you can earn is up to 200 million VND. Participants only need to choose 3 out of 90 correct numbers to have a chance to receive the Jackpot.

Max 4D is the easiest to win

Max 4D is also a lottery betting product with the fourth highest winning reward in Vietnam, up to a reward of 120 million VND. Bettors only need to choose the correct 4 out of 80 balls to have a chance to receive the Jackpot prize.

Vietlott Keno lottery

This is also the betting game that gives you quite a small gift but has the highest frequency of drawing prizes within a day. Participants only need to choose at least 2 out of 10 balls to win big.

Structure of the prize inVietlott lottery

When participating in any game, the prize is what most lottery players are most interested in and learn about the most. So what kind of attractive gift structure does this game have? New players should carefully follow the instructions below:
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  • Mega 6/45: This game will include a total of 4 special prizes (called Jackpot) if 6 results match. First prize if 5 results match. 2nd place will correspond when there are 4 identical results and finally 3rd place if there are 3 identical results (This result will not need to be in the same order).
  • MAX 3D Vietlott lottery: Includes 4 result categories and will be drawn once a day to select a winning set of results including 6 numeric characters in the range from 01 to 45.
  • MAX 4D: Includes 5 prizes and will be drawn a total of 6 times in each period, specifically as follows: First place will draw once and select 1 result consisting of 4 numbers. The second prize will be drawn twice to select 2 categories with 4-digit results. Rank Three consists of three spins to select 4-letter results.
  • Vietlott Power 6/55 lottery: Includes 5 prize categories and will be drawn once to select the final set of results including 6 numbers ranging from 01 to 55. Besides, there will be a special gift be selected from the remaining 49 balls in the ball cage for Jackpot 2.
  • Keno: This is a game with many different prize levels and will be drawn about 20 times each period. This is to select 20 gifts from the set of balls from 1 to 80.

Vietlott lottery is a form of betting that gives bettors a chance to win very high prizes and receive many attractive amounts of money. And most of all, the prize drawing process is extremely transparent and reputable. So why hesitate any longer? Hurry up and join this exciting game and get lots of wins.

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