New Platform for Intelligence: Pharma Sources Helps API Growth

The company aims to bring a new perspective to the pharmaceutical industry with its technology and innovative power to build the world’s leading pharmaceutical trading and showcase platform. With rich knowledge of the pharma equipment manufacturers, innovative data integration methods, and strong software and engineering capabilities, the company has built this highly integrated Pharma sources platform.

Integrating “Internet + Exhibition” resources to build a one-stop B2B business platform

In September 2010, Pharma sources were born under the impetus of the Internet wave and are deeply integrated with brand exhibitions online and offline to jointly promote global trade between domestic and overseas pharmaceutical enterprises. Especially in 2020, under the background of global anti-epidemic, Pharma sources took advantage of the exhibition and its resources and channels, and the two sides joined hands to create two Virtual Expo Connect online exhibitions (VEC for short) to bridge the communication between exhibitors and domestic and overseas visitors through the Internet and strengthen the cooperation between the international pharmaceutical industry.

Helping pharmaceutical companies go abroad

In the future, Pharma sources will focus on the world, dig deeper into the industry features, provide online and offline customized services, and solve the pain points of pharmaceutical companies in the trade. Empowered by big data and other technological means, Pharma sources will realize the digitalization of trade marketing scenarios, build a one-stop service platform for enterprises, and help the industry develop with high quality.

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