Little Mermaid Shooting Fish- The best Shooting Fish For You

Introducing about Little Mermaid Shooting Fish

Born in 2021, Mermaid Shooting Fish has quickly dominated the online gaming market. As an upgraded version of the legendary bắn cá đổi thưởng portal, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish has been equiped with 3D graphics as well as a sharp and attractive interface.

With 3 playrooms named as “Tropical Island”, “Shark Bay” and “Polar”, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish will give players an exciting and thrilling feeling when both playing and adventuring into the deep blue ocean. Besides, the new mission system could give players a lot of surprises while playing.

Therefore, Little Mermaid Shoot Fish has been dominating the Vietnamese online game market. The gaming community considers this game as a safe, reputable and worthy free redeem gaming portal for anyone to experience!

The outstanding features of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish

What exactly does the Little Mermaid Shooting Fish have? Let’s discover the interesting features that only available in Little Mermaid Shooting Fish together!

A diverse and attractive game store

Set foot in the server of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish, there are 3 areas in front of the player’s eyes that will lead player to the hunting grounds for real rewards. At Tropical Island, you can experience the bustling ocean life that is filled with exotic marine creatures.

Then at the Shark Bay, players can hunt big fishes that will give higher rewards. Finally, there is the harsh Polar Region, where skilled hunters can cope with the terrible bosses but of course, the best rewards they could earn.

Possessing a treasure of games and a creative mission system, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish promises to bring you many moments of relaxation and joy!

Interface, sound and image

The first thing to mention when accessing Little Mermaid Shooting Fish is the game interface. Inheriting the outstanding functions of the traditional fish shooting product, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish developer has innovated the game graphics to a 3D version with an extremely beautiful and lively character lines.

While immersing in a journey to explore the ocean, players will enjoy many exciting cinema-grade music and sound effects. Each mini-game is designed in detail that will definitely surprise the most picky players!

Fast access speed

For the convenience of players, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish is now available on Androids, IOS, and Windows operating systems. With just one click, you can completely download the game on PC or smartphone.

The game stream is designed for mass downloads, therefore, the gaming experience is really smooth and fast on all operating systems.

Legally licensed to operate

Before launching the game on the market, the bookmaker of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish has fully completed the operating license and business license for the game. Therefore, players do not have to worry about being entangled in legal proceedings because of playing illegal games. The safety of this game is 100% guaranteed!

Redemption rate

Participating in Little Mermaid Shooting Fish, there are many areas tha have different reward rates which depending on the demands of players. The server “Tropical Island” is the best for the lowest bets (gold level) and then is the Shark Bay with the required bet amount that equals to the diamond level.

The most expensive area of all 3 servers is the Polar region with bet level ranging from 500 to 5000 diamonds. But, please remember, the higher the odds, the bigger your chances of winning!

A special feature of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish is that players do not need to spend a huge amount of budget to start hunting. Anyone can access the game without a hitch.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions

An outstanding feature of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish is that deposit and withdrawal transactions are made to be as simple as eating a cake. With two main top-up methods is via scratch cards (Viettel, Mobi, Vinaphone) and Momo e-wallet, players can choose the lowest card value from 10.000VND (for scratch cards) or 50.000VND (for e-wallets).

More than that, Little Mermaid Shooting Fish does not limit the level of deposit and withdrawal on daily basis. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can withdraw your bonus from the game anytime you want from your phone in a few seconds!

Information security

To protect players’ information and accounts, the security system of Little Mermaid Shooting Fish is constantly being upgraded to the most advanced level. The system include safety locks, multi-layer encryption and OTP technology that will help protect player’s account from the intrusion of hacker and eliminate all cases of information leakage.

With the investment in security technology, players are enabled to enjoy every moment of entertainment without having to worry about anything.

Customer service

While playing Little Mermaid Shooting Fish, if you encounter difficulties or have questions about the game or reward system, please contact the customer care team directly. We are always available in 24/7 to help you! All you have to do is sending a message through the online chat box, the bookie staff will contact you right after that and solve the problem in a few seconds.

Continuous, attractive promotions

In order to enhance the player experience, the bookie is constantly launching promotional packages when depositing with great values! The dream of owning the best “god of war” items is no longer a distant thing now with Little Mermaid Shooting Fish.

If you are interested in this feature, just access the daily attendance board where you will find basic pocket gifts. Every month, the game portal will launch a 20-50% deposit promotion package. In particular, any player will have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 150% for the first deposit!


Here are all the advantages of the Mermaid Shooting Game portal that Vua Doi Thuong wants to provide you. This is an attractive destination not only for gamblers but also for all players who want to relax and earn real money.

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