Instructions on how to bet on basketball for beginners

Basketball is an extremely famous sports game for a long time. In addition to enjoying fiery basketball matches, players can participate in basketball betting on the NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP with extremely high odds.

Learn about what basketball bets are?

Basketball is one of the sports with a huge fan base, so it is a reputable bookmaker in Vietnam as well as around the world.

And to be able to win a lot when participating in basketball betting, players need to understand the rules as well as detailed information about basketball betting.

Detailed basketball rules

A basketball match will consist of 2 teams, each team will consist of 5 players. The team that wins is the team with the greater number of basketballs thrown into the opponent’s basket. In addition, players also need to know how to stop the opponent so they cannot get the ball into their team’s basket.

The duration of a basketball match is 40 minutes and is divided into 4 rounds, each round has a playing time of 10 minutes. The time for teams to rest between halves is 2 minutes and 15 minutes.

If after all 4 rounds the number of basketballs scored is tied, the match will have another 5-minute extra match to determine the winner.

Detailed basketball betting rules

After you understand the rules of basketball, below are the forms of basketball betting at reputable bookmakers, with specific details as follows:

  • Moneyline bet: this is a type of bet on which basketball team will win in the end. This is the easiest and most popular form of basketball betting today. The ratio is 50 – 50.
  • Handicap bet: this is a type of bet that implies that one team will receive a handicap before the match takes place. This handicap will be added to the weaker team to create balance in the match.
  • Over and under betting: Over and under is a form of betting on whether the total score of the game is greater or less than the number of points specified by the house. If you predict the actual result is higher than the score given by the house, you bet on Over, and if it is lower, you bet on Under.
  • Odd-even bet: is a form of betting on whether the total score of the match will be even or odd.
  • Future bet: is a form in which players will place bets when the season starts. The player’s task is to bet on the best basketball team of the tournament. This type of bet is extremely difficult, however Its rewards are extremely high.

There are also special forms of basketball betting such as:

  • Bet on which player scores the most goals in a match or each half
  • Betting on which basketball team has the most 3-point shots
  • Bet on which team makes the first or last basket.

Share how to play basketball betting at a reputable bookmaker

  • Step 1: You will log in to the homepage of the reputable bookmaker
  • Step 2: You register as a member by clicking the register button and filling in all necessary information, then click confirm.
  • Step 3: Log in and deposit money to place bets via reputable banking links or e-wallets.
  • Step 4: Select the game section and select the basketball section.
  • Step 5: After selecting, you will proceed to choose the tournament you like, enter the bet amount and send it. The system will then send your command and send a successful confirmation message.

The secret to easy basketball betting to win real money from the house

It is recommended to regularly check pre-match reports

Talking about statistical reports, if basketball ranks 2nd, no one will dare to rank 1st, so before betting on basketball, you should check the most recent performance of that team as well as the statistics. Statistics to know which team to choose.
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Next, take a look at the lineup to see if any important players are absent today, if any players are injured or not… the above all contribute greatly to the outcome of the match.

Player’s time and position

According to a survey by a reputable bookmaker, teams that have matches scheduled for two consecutive days will most likely have a much lower performance due to reduced physical strength. At that time, according to calculations, this basketball team only had a 40% chance of winning that match.

You should bet on the home team

Home field advantage is a factor that contributes to the victory of many sports today. According to calculations, each team playing at home will have an additional 9% winning rate.

Choose a bookmaker with high basketball betting odds

If you are playing with large bets, you should choose reputable bookmakers with high bets because accumulating those odds will yield a huge number.

Limit your choice of your favorite team

Betting requires players to have a cool head and know how to analyze situations. You should not choose to bet on the team you like if the odds of that team in this match are low.


Hopefully the above sharing about basketball betting instructions for newbies from A – Z will help newbies gain more experience as well as useful information, contributing a little to your victory. Wish you guys success

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