How to Use Live Score in CS:GO Matches for Successful Bets

Pre-match analytics of CS:GO matches is an essential element for successful bets. However, the game often doesn’t proceed as expected because the outsider can bring the favorite to battle and mess everything up.

In this situation it makes sense to review your approach and use live score in CS:GO to follow the match in real time and make your decision bad on the current situation, choosing the stronger team not in theory but on the server itself.

Live score bets on esports disciplines is almost a philosophical topic. There are lots of factors and nuances that should be taken into consideration while betting on CS:GO tournaments. Time limits make it even more challenging as the outcome mainly depends on chance, and the situation can change any moment.

Considering the fact that matches are not going to be intriguing, the fate of battles lies in details, the ability to place a bet online deprives the player of numerous risks. Therefore, we should outline a few factors that highlight the benefits of live score.

Features of the map and choice of sides

Each CS:GO map has its own structure that give much more opportunities for attack and defense. For example, Nuke and Ancient are easier to play in defense while Anubis and Inferno are more favorable for attack.

Therefore, you need to look at maps and analyze who took the sides. For example, if a team starts in attack on Nuke and finishes the half with six rounds, there will be a big likelihood to see a comeback and catch great odds while the sides change.

Otherwise, after a failure in defense on Anubis the team can quickly return after changing sides which also can come in handy while betting.


You should not forget about economics. It may happen that the team wins rounds but is always in clutch situations that is why most players have to buy devices every round. At one moment the club can lose a round losing economics which can benefit the opponent. Therefore, there is a huge likelihood to see a comeback in such situations and hit Total more as the broken economics practically ensures lost rounds.


Another essential aspect of the game is psychology. However, on some days top esportsmen can have troubles with the game which will affect the results of the team.

However, live score come into play here thanks to the ability to watch the match in real time. If you understand that the favorite has a problem at the right moment, it will make sense to change your mind and believe in the outsider.

Therefore, we get a chance to turn around and reduce risks as we will have a full understanding of what is happening on the server.

Example of usage of live score in CS:GO bets

To describe the advantage of live score in CS:GO bets, it will be enough to make a specific example. Let’s suppose that the favorite lost the first map. As a result, the odds of the club took off but later they had to play at their own pick.

At the right moment you can catch great odds and believe in the favorite on the second map as there will be a high likelihood of seeing a comeback. Therefore, analyzing matches in real life will help you to predict the outcome and make conclusions that will help you to win.

Summing up, live score is a great tool for experienced players who want to make bets with a minimum risk and spend more time on analysis. Taking into account what’s happening on the server in real time, you will be able not only to see the teams in action but also make some conclusions about players’ conditions. Therefore, live score will help to make your choice and place the bet in CS:GO matches.

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