How to Use Canning Lids from Canlids?

The can lid industry is an extremely valuable market that aims to provide customers with the perfect lid. Canlids is a canning lid manufacturer that is proficient in the production of can lids and sells them in bulk, helping dealers save production costs.

Excellent character for Canlids

Using canning lids is a great way to keep food fresh and healthy using the ancient craft of packing food. Canlids is a comprehensive metal packaging enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. Products include aluminum can packaging, various aluminum can lids, and canned products.

How to use canning lids?

To use, place the food in the jar and screw the lid onto the top of the jar using a threaded ring or spiral strap. The jars are then placed in a hot water bath or pressure cooker, and the food is processed according to specific food requirements. During processing, the heated seal softens, allowing the pressurized air inside the tank to escape. When processing is complete, remove the jars from the water bath. It is common for the ribbon to come loose during processing, so it is common practice to ensure that the ribbon is tight when it is removed from the heat source.

The jar lid helps ensure that the lid forms a seal with the jar, creating a vacuum inside the jar after the contents have cooled. It is understood that this vacuum holds the lid tightly to the jar and keeps the contents of the jar sterile and preserved for a year or more. Once the jar and its contents have cooled and the vacuum created is sufficient to secure the lid to the jar, it is best to remove the spiral strap.


Canlids is a company specializing in the production of perfect, safe, and durable can lids. If you’re looking for a reliable lid company that offers quality products at affordable prices, Canlids should be your first choice.

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