How to choose a windshield for a car

The windshield is an important part of a car. In its production, the latest technologies are used, making such products durable, flexible, safe and reliable. Modern models not only protect the interior and the driver from dirt and dust, but also perform a supporting function, increasing strength and improving the aerodynamics of the body. Choosing the right car part is not easy. Little things in this case do not happen. An ill-conceived decision can lead to accidents, unnecessary spending, problems during inspection. Therefore, in the absence of self-confidence, it is better not to take risks, but to contact the wholesale car windshields, where they will select and install a windshield from almost any manufacturer, giving a guarantee for work.

Windshield differences – which option to choose

There are four main types of such products:

  • Stalinite is a single-layer tempered glass, the strength of which is five times higher than normal. There is a version that its name comes from the name of the Leader of the peoples, who was distinguished by rigidity and inflexibility. It is believed that such a name comes from the word “steel”, which should have indicated high strength. Such models are mainly used on older cars. Upon impact, these glasses shatter into small rounded fragments, which makes them safe from injury.
  • Duplex is another outdated option, also used on older machines. Represents the strong glass covered on top with a film. Therefore, if it is damaged, the fragments will remain on the coating and will not lead to injuries.
  • Triplex (laminated glass). The most common option used in most modern cars. Represents two glass layers between which the polymeric laminating film is laid. When damaged, the glass fragments do not scatter, but hang on a polymer “gasket”.
  • Laminated glasses are made from thin, high-strength glass sheets that are lined with a transparent polymer. They have high strength, withstanding even shots. They are mounted on executive class cars, cash collection vehicles and other vehicles where increased safety requirements are imposed. The cost of these options is very high.

Therefore, for a car that is not designed to carry money or other valuables, an ordinary triplex is quite enough. This glass meets all safety requirements and has high performance characteristics.

Additional features of the windshield. Is it worth it to overpay?

The modern automotive industry produces many options for windshields:

  • Tinted. According to GOST 32565-2013, tinting is allowed, in which the light transmission is reduced to at least 75%. This allows you to use a film of various colors – blue, green, yellowish, bronze. Tinting is very important in the hot season, because it does not allow the sun to blind the driver and makes the interior cooler.
  • With sunscreen. A type of tint applied to the top of the windshield. Protects the driver and passengers from the sun’s rays.
  • Athermal. They have high protection against temperature extremes. Makes the interior temperature more comfortable in hot or cold weather.
  • Noise-protective. Protect against noise coming from the outside, as well as coming from the wheels and the engine.
  • With heating. They have built-in small heating elements that warm the glass and remove frost.
  • Partially heated. These models have heating elements only at the bottom, where the wipers are.
  • With UV and IR protection. Protect from the negative effects of sunlight. In cars with such glasses, the interior burns out less, and in summer it is more comfortable to be in it.
  • With various options – rain sensors, built-in antennas and other electronic devices.
  • With projection display. In such models, instrument readings, cruise control and navigation data are projected onto the glass surface.

When choosing glass, it is worth considering that you will have to pay extra for each option. Filters are the cheapest. For a model with heating, you will have to overpay a decent amount. And products with a projection display are several times more expensive than conventional ones.

It should be borne in mind that the conductive electrical system in complex models is very thin, so even the smallest damage quickly stops working. With each crack, such glass has to be changed, which costs a decent amount.

Marking on the windshield of the car will allow you to choose the right option

There is a marking on the surface of the glass, from which you can get a lot of information about the properties of the product and its certification. These symbols help you choose the right windshield for your car.

On each product the logo of the manufacturer and the automaker is indicated. Below it, the manufacturer indicates the type of glass:

  • Laminate L, WL, – laminated (triplex).
  • T, Tempered – hardened.

But even the most expensive and high-quality glass will not last long if it is installed not in a car service, but in artisanal conditions. Incorrect installation of the windshield can lead to a violation of the aerodynamic characteristics – the car will consume more fuel and accelerate worse. It is not excluded the occurrence of distortions of the body, leading to accidents. Sometimes such glasses crack and break, and in some cases, heating and other functions may not work. Therefore, the installation can only be trusted by professionals.

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