How adjustable beds can help you sleep better?

The adjustable bed frame allows you to adjust the height and depth of your bed via a remote controller. An adjustable bed is great for ensuring that your body is in a healthy, relaxed position. There are various benefits to using an adjustable bed. Let us take a closer look at what is the best mattress brand for you?

Lower back pain

Sleeping posture may be the reason you have lower back pain. Poor posture or sleeping on a very flat mattress can cause spine strain and twisting, which can lead to pressure on the joints. No matter what style you choose to sleep in, it is best to keep your spine neutral. Elevating the legs when you sleep lets the lower back relax, and the muscles can fully recover.

Position zero-gravity

The zero gravity position aligns your neck spine, hips, and hips. It relieves pressure points. You can achieve the zero gravitation position by elevating both your head & legs with adjustable beds

Many King size adjustable bed frame offer zero gravity presets. This allows you to easily get in and out of this weightless position with just a push of a button. Some beds will allow you the option to save a custom preset.

Breathing easier

You can sleep at an incline to prevent snoring. A bed that is adjustable can replace the need to prop your head up with pillows. If you have sleep apnea, an adjustable mattress can improve your sleeping quality.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea can be described as a condition that causes your breathing to stop and restart throughout the night. This condition causes sleepers to wake frequently throughout the night, keeping them away from a deep sleep.

An adjustable bed may be able to improve your sleep quality if you suffer from this condition. Your head should be elevated to clear the airways and keep any tissue around your throat from getting into your windpipe.


Snoring occurs when your throat or tongue partially blocks your airways. If your windpipe is partially blocked, you will hear a vibrating sound called snoring. Elevating the head can improve your breathing and reduce your snoring.

Adjustable beds are great for finding the best height for your head. Many have anti-snore features. This feature raises your head automatically to a 7-degree angle if you start snoring.

Enhanced circulation

You may have ever felt your legs or arm “asleep” after you slept in a way that blocked circulation. This is usually a sign that you are not sleeping properly. When you sleep in a neutral position, pressure points are relieved which improves blood flow.

An adjustable bed can be adjusted to improve circulation. Many adjustable beds offer massage motors as a relaxing option that can stimulate circulation.

Full-body massage

You can release tension, relax muscles, and increase blood circulation with adjustable beds that have a massage function. The massage motors can be found under your adjustable bedding. When they’re turned on, they emit soothing vibrations to the lower and upper parts of your body.

Independence increases

Many older adults are bed-bound and have little mobility. Adjustable beds allow them to change their position at any time during the day. This bed can provide comfort and convenience to those who have mobility issues.

Heartburn risk minimized

Acid reflux causes heartburn. It occurs when stomach acids enter your esophageal lining. Adjustable beds allow you to sleep with your head elevated. The gravity of this position keeps stomach acid out of the esophagus and reduces the chance of developing heartburn.

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