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Review Casino Hai Phong is an address providing entertainment games for domestic and foreign tourists. This is one of Vietnam’s famous casinos with a grand scale for the upper class. During the casino’s operation, many members visited and placed bets every day. To understand better, you can follow 789BET detailed updates below!

Overview information about Review Casino Hai Phong

Review Casino Hai Phong known as a casino frequented by people belonging to the upper class. This is one of the works imbued with unique Western architecture, making every member feel impressed when they first encounter it.

This entertainment system is built with a modern service area and a luxurious resort complex. In addition to participating in gambling, members can also have fun and relax after stressful working days.

In 1995, Hai Phong Casino was officially put into legal operation in our country. With many years of experience in the casino market, it has attracted a large number of tourists, meeting people’s needs for both entertainment and relaxation.

Because it is located in a port city, the road to this casino is quite complicated. It only takes about 2 hours to travel from Hanoi to Hai Phong, but if traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you need to take a plane. Fly to Cat Bi then take another 1.5 hours to get to the casino.

Review Casino Hai Phong most authentic and complete

There have been many tourists visiting Hai Phong and directly visiting the casino. So what are the advantages for choosing this place? Some information Review Casino Hai Phong Will the details below help you grasp more accurately?

Reputable quality betting address

When Review Casino Hai Phong This is definitely something we cannot discuss. Because not only is this place fully licensed to operate, but it was also established a long time ago. At the casino, there are always a large number of visitors from other provinces and cities across the country such as Hanoi and Saigon to visit and try their luck.

Gambling is transparent and fair

Transparency and fairness are an important requirement in any form of gambling. Of course, this factor is always guaranteed when coming to Casino Hai Phong. The casino has a security team and a security camera system that operates continuously to ensure a quality playing field where no cheating can take place.

Safe and secure

WhenReview Casino Hai Phong Of course, the issue of security and safety is also an important factor that we cannot ignore. Right from the guard stations and entrances, there is already a security team operating and guarding. Players need to have complete identification documents and some other conditions to enter.

Many different forms of gambling and entertainment

An outstanding advantage that we cannot ignore Review Casino Hai Phong These are diverse forms of entertainment. A full range of betting forms from modern, traditional to Western products helps you have an interesting experience. Players will be able to directly try many different products with enthusiastic staff to guide them.

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Explore the outstanding features available at Casino Hai Phong

Below will be detailed discovery information for you to get Review Casino Hai Phong. Similar to many other casinos in the world, this place also allows players to convert cash into chips with average denominations from $1 to $5,000. In case you don’t use it all, you can still convert it to the original.

Mandatory rules at Casino Hai Phong

You need to understand the mandatory rules to participate at Casino Hai Phong:

  • Age requirements to participate must be 21 years or older with a minimum monthly income of 10 million VND, taxes must be at level 3 or higher. Income level is fully proven from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Each bettor needs to pay for 24 hours of experience which will be 1 million VND, about 25 million VND per month.
  • When participating in Hai Phong Casino, you are absolutely not allowed to bring items such as cameras, camcorders or devices capable of providing information to the outside. Items that help cheat at the betting table are especially prohibited.
  • Players need to bring identification documents if they want to experience here, and comply with the regulations of the security department.

Review Casino Hai Phong about available games

Compared to other international gambling venues, Casino Hai Phong has an area that is not inferior. Each playroom is up to hundreds of square meters in size, with many different games.

Visitors can easily find modern games or modern products. Including the appearance of all the famous names in the market such as: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat…

Each gamer, after winning, will receive rewards in accordance with the casino’s regulations. However, immediately after that you need to pay an additional fee of 5% commission to the casino. Fraud absolutely cannot happen here because of the extremely strict surveillance camera system.

In particular, Hai Phong Casino also has the appearance of VIP rooms for the upper class. Of course, the remuneration of these tables will also be much higher than that of a regular table.

A few questions related to Casino Hai Phong

Many bettors have raised their doubts when looking for information Review Casino Hai Phong. However, all of these problems will be answered in detail by 789Bet through the review content below?

Exact location of Where is Casino Hai Phong?

Currently, the most accurate location of this casino is located in Green Valley, Zone III, Do Son District, Hai Phong City. To get to this entertainment venue in the city center will take you 20 minutes.

Is the rumor that Hai Phong Casino is abandoned true?

In fact, these are all false rumors without any evidence to verify. Because currently the casino is still operating strongly with thousands of visitors each month.

When is this casino open?

Currently, Casino Hai Phong operates throughout the year with a frequency of 24/7. So whenever you have a need, you can visit and experience it to satisfy your needs.

Does Hai Phong Casino allow Vietnamese people to participate?

According to information, only overseas Vietnamese or foreigners are eligible to participate. So please comply with the regulations to avoid unnecessary risks.


Content on 789Bet already Review Casino Hai Phong to you in full detail. This place is truly a gambling paradise that you should try every day to find lucky opportunities with huge rewards.

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