What is underdog? Summary of the 4 most popular ways to play Tieu Chu

Most people from the North and South will probably knowWhat is underdog?. However, for new recruits today, it is quite vague about this way of playing. Therefore, information about fainting is of great interest. If you have the same question, please follow the last article bk8. All information and how to play the game will be fully introduced.

What is underdog?

Under is a form of playing the lottery, you will have to bet on a 3-digit number from 000 – 999 at the bookies. If that number appears in the 3 tails of the Lottery prize, you will receive a large bonus.

What is underdog? called in a manner distinct from the word “lot”. Because this word, when standing alone, will be understood in the sense of lottery numbers from 00 – 99. You can find out more detailed information about main faint on Bk8.

With Bk8 Learn about what is master fainting?

Classify the current way of playing under

Similar to the lottery, the lottery is also divided by region but there will be no Central region. Winning rate will depend on the region and how the lot is placed. Specifically:

  • Northern Under: The player bets on 3 numbers to match the last 3 numbers of the special prize result.
  • Southern Under: Players still bet money on the 3 numbers that appear in the special prize results. In addition, there are 3 other main types of faints such as:
    • The boss is weak
    • Under the tail
    • Under is a mixture of head and tail.

Instructions on how to play the 4 main types of faint today

When you know What is master fainting? Then you should learn how to play each type. Below are 4 ways to play under, you need to know to bomb every lottery home page.

Underdog leads the South

Top Under in the South is a type of bet on 3 numbers appearing in the 7th prize of the lottery results of the Southern provinces. The payout ratio of this Southern underdog game is 1:400.

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When you play online, the bonus level will depend on each house. The highest bonus ratio is 1:900 or more. With this rate difference, more and more people prefer to play online under. Because the winning rate is high, safe and also supported with effective prediction methods.

Learn aboutHow to beat the master in the South

The underdog is the owner of the Southern tail

Under the tail is betting on the last 3 numbers of the special prize of the Southern provinces’ lottery results. The number of players who choose to match 100% of the order and value of the 3 tails in the special prize will receive a bonus.

In the traditional way of playing, the odds of Southern under are 1:400,000 to 1:600,000. At online lottery bookmakers, the payout ratio is sometimes up to 1:900,000 or higher.

Find out details bWhat is the Underdog ao?

What is underdog? also known by the way the number of numbers is lower than the first and last. This is a way to bet on numbers that can appear in the 7th prize or in the last 3 numbers of the special prize. The amount of bonus money in the owner’s underdog bag depends on the number of times the number appears. In case the number comes out once, you win money at the rate of 1:950. If appearing in both prize 7 and NE, the bonus will be x2.

Defeated the Northern master

What the Northern Under is, will be determined by the 3 tail numbers of the special prize according to the Northern Lottery Results. Players just need to look, predict and choose lucky numbers. Then bet on the number you believe will appear in the Delta tournament in the last 3 positions. If the number comes out in the correct order, you will receive a bonus. The reward rate of the Northern underdog is 1:970.

Instructions on how to calculate the standard under for Northern and Southern owners

Playing under in the North and South mainly depends on luck. Therefore, when you apply prediction methods, it will cost a lot of capital. So please refer to the following ways to play to increase your chances of winning.

  • Add a favorite number to the number you believe will appear. If you already have a lottery number and can predict the last two numbersGDB When you come back, you just need to find one more number. Or you can apply additional statistical methods to increase the probability of winning.
  • Players should not apply gambling statistics when playing under.
  • You should not play when you do not understandWhat is master fainting?. Because at this time you cannot predict the number with a high winning rate. You should only try it when you are sure of what you understand.
  • You should choose an underdog bag with a low payout rate. Because these bets will have a higher probability of winning.
  • Raise an underdog when you feel good about that number. However, you should not keep underdog numbers for a long time because usually these numbers will not appear.

Instructions on how to calculate the standard under for Northern and Southern owners


Hopefully through the above information, you have learned What is master fainting?. Besides, everyone should remember the main ways to play under to bet more effectively. If you want to get attractive bonus rates and safety, please visit Bk8 right away Please!

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