General introduction of Vn88 casino

Vn88 is one of the most trusted and prestigious sportsbet operators in the online industry nowadays. contains a lot of skilled and professional staff that has a lot of knowledge in the sports and betting market. This team of professionals will constantly give the most precise and perfect details about sport matches and other current events to support players in giving the best shot at Vn88.

VN88 Visions and Objectives

Vn88’s purpose is to equip players with the most highlighted and detailed information about sport events as well as the latest sportsbet news so that players will have a solid background about what they are betting on.

To achieve this, the VN88 team of reporters and analysts is trying everyday to find, locate, and edit all online materials, selecting popular matches of all kinds of sport to show on the VN88 website. We can confirm that our staff has all of the qualities below:

  • Work with maximum effort, dedication to provide the latest and hottest news to players. Any news which is late by more than 1 day will not be posted on the website.
  • Give the best betting tips and tricks which are updated everyday for all players. Even if you have not been a VN88 member, our source of information is still available for all Internet surfers. 
  • Our knowledge about football, the king sport, is always on the top. We trained our staff every week about the latest football information as well as any news that can alter the betting results. If you want a reliable source of football news and bets, we think we are the best free source on the market.

Our betting professionals

Gia Cat Tao is the title given to our gambling professionals by the bettor community in recognition of their football talent. The Nghe An child is well-known for his ability to anticipate football betting and other kinds of bet.

Gia Cat Tao interned at DaKabet in Philippines, for two years. He was asked to be a specialist in control of Asian market advice by the Gambling Expert website. Gia Cat Tao’s current work at VN88 is to produce high-reliability football forecasts.

Players in every corner will be benefited from Gia Cat Tao’s predictions each time a match happens. In 2017, he was recruited by Vn88 as a contributor for the regular betting information. His football forecasts are always accurate and in time.

Our commitment

We constantly endeavor to deliver the most precise and reliable information, which is double-checked by a highly skilled team, and expose readers to relevant information about how to pick rafters and chances, all of which are available at VN88.

Our editors are trained to search out every corner of the Internet and select out the most sufficient piece of information as well as give it to the readers in the easiest way to read.

Please forgive us if we made any mistake on the way of delivering information. But, we believe that our readers’ feedback and inquiries will assist us steadily improve and decrease errors.

Furthermore, we can assure that all players will have the best betting experience with us due to our well-trained group of staff. If players have any struggle or question on the gaming process, our staff will help you fix it at the fastest speed. On the situation of system errors, players will get our compensation gifts as an applogization for our mistakes.


VN88 bookie is the greatest betting address in Vietnam and around Asia. Please play with us to receive the best discount possible.

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