Five Top Themes for Kids’ Bedrooms

We all know the importance of being comfortable in our surroundings and this goes for children as much as adults. Creating a space they can call their own that plays into their interests and passions can help them feel valued, comfortable and secure. You can also find Apartments for rent in Chattanooga to decorate your kids room like this. These five themes are classics that both you and your child are sure to love.


With Disney+ keeping the Star Wars franchise relevant for a new generation of jedi-wannabes, the space theme shows no sign of going out of fashion. Dark walls with stickers of stars and planets can be very effective and fairy lights can give an illusion of outer space. Glow in the dark stars are a great addition to any ceiling, making any room magical after lights-out. Don’t forget your base will need a computer to communicate with other rebels – Lenovo laptops for school are a great choice whatever your budget.


Princess themes are always popular and can add a fairy-tale vibe to your home. Opt for pastel walls in pinks and lilacs and add voile drapes and canopies for a romantic magical look. A four-poster bed is perfect for your little princess and with twinkly lights you will soon have a room fit for royalty.


Go wild with a jungle theme! Whether you choose to paint walls green and add framed animal prints or go all out with a bold jungle wallpaper, this is a fun theme popular with both boys and girls. Add houseplants to add texture (also a great way of teaching your child how to nurture nature) and plush tigers, lions and snakes to stay in keeping with the theme. Camouflage nets as drapes can be a fun addition, as can a warning sign to be placed on the door, such as ‘Beware! Wild animal lives here!’.


Is there anything more cheering than a rainbow? The symbol for hope is a popular choice for decorating a child’s room and, best of all, it is super easy to implement. Choose arched rainbows or opt for bright rainbow colours to create a room that stands out from the rest. Many popular stores stock all kinds of rainbow-themed goods including bedding, lighting and soft furnishings which is why this gender-neutral theme is a simple way to add personality for any child’s room.


If you have a paleontologist of the future in your house, why not take inspiration from the Jurassic period? Khaki greens are a perfect backdrop and dinosaur murals will make a room look really roarsome. Dinosaur accessories are readily available for a quick and easy transformation, but if you want to go the extra mile, why not add a tent for your dinosaur-seeker to hide out in? For older kids, posters of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise can be a fabulous addition.

However you decide to transform your child’s room, get creative. Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and search for bargains to bring the magic to life. They are sure to be amazed and delighted!

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