Best Wireless Charging Coil Characteristics

Best Wireless Charging Coil Characteristics

For consumers, finding the highest quality wireless charging coils is not an easy task. The following article will introduce the three major characteristics of wireless charging coils and recommend a high-quality wireless charging coils supplier – GFOOKIC.

A wireless charging coil is what?

Components called wireless charging coils help transmit electricity wirelessly from a charging station to a device. The coil device consists of several parallel groups of coils that are linked in series with one another. The coils are arranged concentrically and do not overlap, both inside each set of coils and across all of the sets of coils. The near-field area above the device has a consistent magnetic field distribution because of this coil’s ability to regulate the amount of the current in various sections of the coil. These coils make it possible to build multi-device, large-area wireless chargers, and their higher quality may significantly reduce losses and improve the effectiveness of wireless charging systems.

The three characteristics of wireless charging coil parts

  1. The ability of wireless charging coils to simultaneously charge many devices is one of their finest advantages. This is achievable because each coil has a certain amount of energy handling capacity. Wireless charging coils may be used to charge numerous gadgets at once if they have several coils.
  2. The fact that wireless charging coils are unaffected by ambient environmental factors like humidity or temperature is another fantastic advantage. The industrial working temperatures for wireless charging coils range from -25°C to +85°C. They are thus perfect for usage in challenging conditions, including the outdoors.
  3. Wireless charging coils are also secure. They are great parts for big devices since they are RoHS and RoHS2 compliant.

Recommendation of Wireless Charging Coil

GFOOKIC is a high-quality wireless charging coil supplier. Take their production of AWCCA-50N50 wireless charging coils for transmitter or receiver applications as an example, and talk about the features and applications of their products:

  1. Features: The overall dimensions of this product are 50mm x 50mm. For Tx or Rx applications. Supports high permeability shielding to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Made of durable material and knots. Compliant with RoHS quality certification.
  2. Applications: In-vehicle charging functions in the automotive industry; batteries and battery chargers; smart electronic products such as smartwatches and digital cameras and video cameras; also wireless charging stations.

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