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Nestled amidst the beautiful Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of India’s most popular hill stations known for its picture-postcard landscapes. Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Ooty charms with its rolling green hills enveloped in mist, lush tea estates, serene lakes and charming colonial heritage. From scenic viewpoints and verdant botanical gardens to local markets and historic buildings, ooty best hotels, Ooty offers picturesque natural sites, great outdoor opportunities, plenty of cultural attractions and delicious cuisine. Read on as we showcase the diverse delights in store across this stunning hill town that make it a must-visit South Indian getaway!

Stunning Natural Beauty

Ooty Lake

The sparkling centerpiece of the hill town, Ooty Lake offers spectacular views of foliage-lined hills getting mirrored in its placid waters. Book your stay at Ooty best hotels and enjoy leisurely boat rides, camel and pony rides along garden paths skirting the lake and watch sunset colors transform the scenery into golden hues.

Botanical Garden

Spread across 55 sprawling acres, Ooty’s Government Botanical Garden is a nature lover’s paradise with rare exotic species including flowering trees, ornamental plants, and thousands of rare shrubs. Wander amidst this riot of colors spotting unusual plants labeled with scientific names or sit gazing at the dazzling Nilgiri hills in the distance.

Rose Garden

Boasting one of the largest rose collections in the country, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is a floral wonderland with five terraced sections named after nearby hill ranges. Home to thousands of variety of roses in vibrant hues from deep red to pale pink, an early morning or evening walk here lets you soak in gorgeous angles of the landscape while appreciating delicate rose blossoms.

Doddabetta Peak

At 2,623 meters, Doddabetta Peak is the highest point in Ooty providing awe-inspiring panoramic vistas. Take in breathtaking sights of the surrounding plains, steep winding hill roads and distant towns from this lofty Lookout Point perched atop lush forests accessed through a zig-zag road dotted with rhododendron trees.

Emerald Lake

A hidden emerald gem located at silent valley near Kalahatti falls, this serene mountain lake can only be reached via scenic trekking trails cutting through grasslands. For a refreshing outdoor experience, hike up to this untouched lake nestled in the Lapanchee Shola forest known for originating river Kamrajar or enjoy picnicking amidst wilderness admiring emerald waters.

Adventure and Outdoor Fun

Mountain Train Ride

No trip to Ooty is complete without experiencing the historic little blue Mountain Rail taking you on winding journey offering panoramic valley views chugging up mountain slopes. Traveling along one of India’s steepest rail tracks accessing untouched hills since 1908, the steam-hauled toy train ride makes for an unforgettable memory.


With miles upon miles of undulating hills and mist-covered slopes, Ooty is trekker’s paradise dotted with expansive grasslands, rugged cliffs and lush Shola forests. Explore numerous designated nature trails of varying difficulty for birdwatching opportunities, scenic lakeside picnic spots and sublime Nilgiri hill vistas. Popular ones are Karadipallam – Karter Betta and Kothagiri – Mudumalai treks.

Boathouse Fun

Head over to the Boat House situated on the fringes of sprawling Ooty Lake as it offers a slew of water sport options for some outdoor fun. Try row boating in colorful little boats or opt for fast-paced motor boat rides for an adrenaline rush skimming through waters. Offering stunning photo opportunities with the hills in the backdrop, Boat House is perfect to enjoy greenery.

Hand Gliding

Feel the rush of gliding at 9000 feet with panoramic aerial views of Ooty’s verdant hills and winding slopes unfurl below. Professional tandem gliding at designated centers like Wild Wings Resort allows experiencing this enthralling adventure sport under expert guidance for exciting new perspectives of the scenic hill station.

Sightseeing Hotspots

Ooty Stone House

One of the earliest English bungalows built in Ooty, Stone House perched on a hillock offers insights into the town’s colonial heritage now converted into a government-run arts and crafts center. The Stone House features typically British Tudor architecture with granite stonework resembling a mini-castle, expansive lawns and awe-inspiring valley views for history enthusiasts to admire.

St. Stephen’s Church

Consecrated in 1830, this historic Anglican church with stained glass windows, artists’ oil paintings and striking Gothic style architecture is Ooty’s oldest church. Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush foliage, the atmospheric church contains plaques commemorating British officers and tombstones telling intriguing stories for an offbeat peek into Ooty’s colonial era remnants.

Centenary Rose Park

Right adjacent to the Boat House on Ooty Lake, sprawling Centenary Rose Park contains perfectly trimmed flowering shrubs, colorful rose plants and lively fountains. Named after country’s first brick making machine exhibited in Ooty in 19th century, the terraced garden contains rare species from the Nilgiris and makes for pretty evening strolls or family picnics.

St.Stephen’s Church

An example of colonial era architecture, St. Stephen’s Church structure features exposed brick tower with a distinctive clock and rich woodenwork flanked by stained glass windows inside showcasing British architectural heritage. Hear enveloping pipe organ tunes during Sunday services within this 1829 built historic church perched against scenic hills for an enriching experience.

Shopping Delights

From aromatic teas to homemade chocolates – Ooty offers many local specialties that make great souvenirs or gifts to take back.

Tea and Spices

Ooty Tea Factory outlet lets you witness entire tea processing first-hand before shopping for fresh aromatic variants like Green Tea, Masala Chai and signature Nilgiri Tea. You can also buy directly from tea estates in Coonoor or pick local spices like pepper, cardamom and dried herbs.

Homemade Chocolates

Discover delectable artisanal chocolates produced in small batches without chemicals or preservatives. Brands like King Star or local bakeries dish out amazing velvety-smooth chocolates in fruit, nut or coffee flavours beautifully packaged that stay fresh for long owing to Hill climate.


Unique to Nilgiris, varkey is an intricately woven reed basket with lid made from bamboo splints by Toda tribes reflecting excellent artistry. Varkey come in various shapes and lattice patterns typically used for storing items that stay moisture-free. These masterpieces are easily available in the Charring Cross Market.

Nilgiri Antiques

If artifacts, cutlery, jewellery and curios from British era fascinate you, head to Commercial Street lined with hole-in-the-wall antique stores. Unearth brass coins, gramophones, swords, enamel bowls and other treasures hauled out from ancient Ooty attics amidst charming surroundings.

Woven Shawls

Keep warm while look fashionable draped in heritage Nilgiri shawls woven in appealing diamond, checks and stripes designs featuring vibrantly dyed wool from vocabulary sheep and angora rabbits. The Toda tribes specialize in crafting these textured organic shawls.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

Reflecting diverse culinary influences Ooty cuisine ranges from steaming cups of Nilgiri tea and fluffy appams soaked in mild egg curry to spicy veg cutlets and wholesome biryani rice preparations. Fried bondas, vegetable stew are other must-try local comfort dishes. Drop into cozy cafes for delicious pancakes, sandwiches and coffee brewed from the surrounding plantations.


From breathtaking hilly vistas and quaint colonial establishments to vibrant tribal culture and adrenaline-pumping adventures –Ooty’s magical hill station, ooty best hotels charm keeps travelers enchanted like no other. Book a room at Ooty best hotels to make the trip worthwhile in addition to the refreshing year-round climate. So head out to the Queen of Hills for a soul-soothing getaway and let Ooty’s splendor dazzle your senses.

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