Affectionate and curious creatures that bring life to a charming environment.

Affectionate and curious creatures that bring life to a charming environment.

Get to know the community of cats living at the Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

The Kennedy Park stands out as one of the most iconic and visited places in the district of Miraflores, located in Lima, Peru.

Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of this district, the Kennedy Park has become a meeting point with high attendance among both local residents and those visiting the city for the first time.

This park is surrounded by a variety of options that complement the visitor’s experience, such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theaters, large department stores, among others.

During the day, the park comes to life with artisan fairs displaying a wide range of local creations. Artists and artisans present their works, ranging from colorful paintings to elaborate sculptures and handmade products. These fairs not only provide an opportunity to appreciate and purchase local art, but also promote the talent and creativity of the community.

Music fills the air as musical performances start their shows in the park. From local groups to itinerant artists create a festive and joyful atmosphere. Attendees can immerse themselves in a captivating acoustic environment that invites to dance.

To satisfy the appetite, food carts and stalls are strategically lined up in the park, offering Peruvian culinary delights such as picarones and butifarras. These culinary stands allow visitors to explore and taste a part of the country’s rich gastronomy, turning a visit to the park into a complete sensory experience.

Community of cats

For over 25 years, this park has evolved into a sanctuary for dozens of cats that attract the attention and affection of numerous individuals and local organizations committed to their care and well-being. The cats have woven an intimate bond with the very essence of the park, blending with its identity in a unique and notable way.

There are various theories that attempt to explain the origin of the cat community at the Kennedy Park in Miraflores, but one of the most accepted explanations suggests a connection to the Virgen Milagrosa Church, which is located near the park. According to this theory, the presence of cats in the park could be linked to an intelligent strategy of the church to control a rodent plague that was affecting the area.

Despite initial concerns about the health and well-being of the cats, as well as their influence on the park and the community, the passage of time has transformed these felines into a unique characteristic of the place, attracting the attention of both visitors and media from different parts of the world.

Thanks to the altruistic commitment of individuals and groups who have become their guardians, the stray cats of the Kennedy Park now have healthier lives.

In conclusion, this group of itinerant cats has become a fascinating attraction, a testimony of the human capacity to generate positive changes and appreciate beauty in the most unexpected forms of life around us.

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