A Quick Guide to Proper Watch Maintenance

Do you own and wear a watch? If so, it’s important to understand how important it is to maintain it.

When you own a watch, it’s like a mini-machine. You need to make sure it continues to function to its optimal level. Otherwise, it won’t tell you accurate time or break down on you.

Because of this, it’s important to learn how to do watch maintenance. This will help you clean, optimize, and preserve your watch.

Be sure to follow this quick guide on proper watch maintenance to keep your watch ticking.

Keep Your Watch Clean

Start by extracting the crown, then wipe down the watch case with a soft cloth to remove surface dirt and grime on nato straps. Use a damp cloth and, if needed, a mild detergent to wipe down the rest of the watch.

Use a brush with soft bristles and lint-free cloth to clean the lugs, bracelet, and moving parts. After cleaning, restore the watch with a polishing cloth and gentle pressure.

Get Your Watch Serviced

It is highly recommended to get your new watch serviced regularly. To make sure that your watch continues to look and perform its best, here are a few basic cleaning tips you can follow:

Always make sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth when cleaning your watch case, dial, and bracelet. Keep your watch winder free from dirt and dust. Check the case and bracelet seals regularly to make sure they are still water-resistant.

Protect Watch’s Crystal

Crystals protect the watch movement and are made of any number of materials. This includes sapphires, minerals, acrylics, or plastic. Clean your crystals using a soft cloth and a gentle soap and water mixture. Avoid using chemical cleaners, as they can damage the crystal. You can also view these automatic watches for in-depth information.

When cleaning the crystal, you should take care not to press too hard and cause scratching. Avoid using any powerful magnets, as these can tamper with the movement and power of the watch. Make sure to store it in a safe and dry place. This prevents any dust or dirt from building up under the crystal.

Limiting Sun Exposure

One of the leading causes of discoloration in watches is sun bleaching. To prevent sun bleaching, it’s best to store the watch in a cool, dark place. You can use a soft cloth to cover the watch, as long as it’s not overly tight so air can still flow freely. It’s also best to keep the watch away from humid climates and environments.

Staying Away From Chemicals

Harsh chemicals, such as those found in household cleaners, can corrode the delicate inner workings of a watch. So wipe the watch down with a lint-free cloth dampened with water.

Be sure to rinse watch bands and crystals with clear water before drying them off with a cloth, as bath salts, lotions, and some soaps can also corrode a watch. Avoid leaving a watch in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight since it can cause the watch to age prematurely.

Keep Your Timepiece Running With These Watch Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your watch requires dedication but with the proper watch maintenance tips. Your timepiece will keep running for years to come.

Don’t take your watch for granted. Make sure to care for it properly and if you need any additional help, reach out to an expert or watch repair service.

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