A Brief Introduction Of Various Type of Pogo Pins

The expansion of the market and the development of new product technologies have led to an increase in the number of items that strive to have stylish looks as well as appearances that are compact and thin. But, any electrical product engineer will tell you that developing and producing such a device is very challenging. On the basis of this information, Pomagtor’s Pogo Pins seem to have benefits in a variety of categories, including consumption of structural space, cost of assembly, lifespan, sample cycle, cost, and so on.

The Pogo Pin consists of a variety of components, including needles, needle tubes, springs, and others. In order to maintain a consistent level of performance from the connection, they are divided into the following types:

  1. The Pogo Pin Bevel sturcuture

The philosophy behind the design of the Pogo Pin assures low and steady contact resistance, as well as reliable conduction from the device itself.

  1. Pogo Pin’s back-drilling structure

Although though the corresponding spring of this Pogo Pin design is likely to be longer than the needle tube, the reverse drilling design is able to deliver steady elastic force and stroke in confined spaces thanks to its innovative construction.

  1. Pogo Pin’s flat bottom structure

Due of the way that it is designed, the Pogo Pin and the Pogo Pin cannot come into touch with the structure of the thimble under any circumstances, which stops electricity from flowing through the needle. Instead, the tube wall will travel along the spring, which will result in an excessively high resistance and a considerable decrease in voltage, which will lead to an unsteady current in electrical equipment.

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