8 Common Phone Issues and How to Fix Them

You’re walking through the grocery store when all of a sudden, your phone falls out of your pocket. You watch in slow motion as it falls face down on the hard floor.

You know without picking it up that it’s cracked.

Broken screens are the number one cause of phone issues. In fact, two smartphone screens crack almost every second.

If it’s not the screen, it’s connectivity and performance problems. Yeah, technology can be pretty fickle.

The good news is that there’s a fix for almost any mobile phone problem you may come across. Check out this guide to learn more.

  1. Your Phone Is Running Slow 

Has your phone been running slowly? While this issue is more common in older devices, it also plagues newer smartphones.

As you collect apps, your phone’s RAM fills up. When it reaches a certain point, your device will become sluggish.

As updates come out for new devices, your outdated phone will get slower and slower until you have no choice but to upgrade.

The best fix for a slow phone is to clear the cache. You can also play around with your settings to prevent apps that you’re not using from working in the background.

Go through the files and apps on your phone and delete any programs that you don’t use often. Invest in a cloud program such as Google Drive, and use it to store your pictures and videos instead of your phone.

  1. The Battery Drains Quickly 

It’s difficult for you to use your phone to make calls and send texts if it doesn’t stay charged long enough for you to do so. If your phone dies while it’s sitting in your desk drawer at work, it might be time for you to go into your settings.

Dim your screen brightness, and if necessary, put your device in power-saving mode. Find out which of your apps sucks up the most power and disable them. Set up your device to fall asleep sooner when you’re not using it.

  1. Broken Charge Port 

As time goes on, the little metal pins in your phone’s charge port will begin to wear out. When this happens, your device won’t be able to charge as quickly as it did when you first got it. Depending on the severity of the damage, the phone may not take a charge at all.

Before you take your phone to a repair shop, grab a cotton swab and brush any debris out of the charge port.

Replacing the charging cable is a little cheaper than paying someone to fix your device. Buy a new one or borrow one from a friend to find out if your current one is broken.

  1. Connectivity Problems  

Are your web pages taking forever to load? Do you have a problem with your AirPods not connecting? There’s most likely a problem with your Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

The easiest phone troubleshooting step you can take to fix your connectivity issue is to turn airplane mode on for a minute and turn it back off again. Your wi-fi should work once you reconnect to the network.

You can also try disconnecting from your wi-fi or Bluetooth and reconnecting. When all else fails, restart your device or contact your phone service provider.

  1. Cracked Screen 

Phone screens are as fragile as glass, which coincidentally is what they’re made out of. All it takes is dropping it on a hard surface once to crack the screen.

On top of hurting your phone’s sleek appearance, a broken screen can also damage your device’s touchscreen responses and leave it vulnerable to moisture.

It’s unfortunate, but the only fix for this problem is to take your device to a repair shop. You can buy the materials and attempt to do the job yourself, but that will most likely void your phone’s warranty.

Once your screen looks brand new again, take measures to protect it. Buy a phone case and screen protector ASAP.

  1. Your Phone Overheats 

After using your phone for an extended period of time, it will be warm to the touch. It shouldn’t feel like you just pulled it out of a hot oven, however.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to cool your phone fast, or it could do permanent damage to your screen and battery. That doesn’t mean you should toss it in your freezer. The moisture won’t do your device any favors.

First of all, turn off your wi-fi and close any apps that may be putting a strain on your phone. Second, shield your device from any heat sources. Put it in your pocket.

  1. App Crashes 

Sometimes apps don’t want to cooperate. They can crash or freeze while you’re using them. The good news is that the fix for this is pretty simple.

The first thing you should do is check to see if your phone needs an update. If everything is up to date, try uninstalling and reinstalling the problem app. Cleaning your cache may do the trick as well.

  1. Blurry Camera 

It’s always frustrating when all your family vacation pictures come out a blurry mess.

Before you take your phone to a repair store to have the camera worked on, try cleaning it. If there are smudges on the lens, that would be the reason why you can’t take clear photos.

Put a Stop to Your Phone Issues 

Technology can be fickle. No matter your device’s age, it’s not invulnerable to common phone issues.

Any device can begin to slow down as time moves on. The charge port could stop functioning, or your apps may begin crashing more often.

Whatever the problem, there’s a simple fix for it. If you can’t troubleshoot at home, rest assured that a trained professional will be able to fix your faulty device.

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