3 Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Home

Look around you right now and count how many devices you can see connected to your home Wi-Fi. If you’re anything like the average American, you’re likely to have a cellphone, smartwatch, internet-connected TV, smart speaker, and any number of other devices that make use of your home internet. Most of these devices use Wi-Fi for their connection to the internet and thus having a reliable and fast Wi-Fi setup that adequately covers your home is important. Let’s have a look at a few quick ways you can improve your home’s Wi-Fi coverage, speed and reliability.

Increase Your Internet Speed

The first and most obvious port of call when it comes to getting better internet speeds and Wi-Fi coverage is to look at the internet connection itself. If you’re still relying on a connection like a cable internet connection or worse, DSL to get online, you’re missing out on much better options. If the Old Monroe Internet connection options on offer include fiber internet, you should waste no time switching your connection over. Fiber is faster, more reliable and sometimes even more cost-effective than older technologies.

Find a Better Location for Your Router

The Wi-Fi signal your internet router puts out is only able to travel so far and is easily interrupted by walls, closed doors and other physical obstructions. It might also suffer from interference and signal degradation from other wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers. Where you physically install your router can make quite a big difference to the coverage it offers. For this reason, your router should be as centrally located in the home as possible so that it has even coverage in all directions. Placing it on one side of the house will mean the opposite side will likely suffer from weakened Wi-Fi signal and therefore slower internet speeds. Don’t put it into the roof or in a cupboard either – it should be out in the open.

Use a Mesh Wi-Fi System

If you have a larger home and no matter where you put your internet router you seem to have areas of the house that just aren’t well covered, you could opt for a multi-device option where more than one Wi-Fi access point is used to ensure all areas of the house have good coverage. This is commonly called a Wi-Fi Mesh system and is a great way of improving the overall coverage of the home. These mesh access points extend the Wi-Fi signal by connecting to each other and relaying the internet connection. Your device will connect to the closest base station and therefore always have the strongest signal possible, giving you fast and reliable Wi-Fi wherever you are in the home.

As you can see, you can get better Wi-Fi coverage and speed without spending much money at all, and it doesn’t take very long. Spending just a few minutes examining your current setup and ensuring it’s on the cutting edge of what’s available will have you smiling instead of frowning when you’re trying to use the internet.

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