Why it is crucial to raise inquisitive children and how to achieve it

Curious parents have curious children who do well at school and become human beings who know themselves better and have healthy self-esteem. How do we cultivate this characteristic?

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Curiosity is good!

What if your seven-year-old daughter doesn’t care about what the stars are made of? What if she had never been interested in the mystery of animal reproduction? What if, when she turns 18, she has no interest in English culture?

A child without curiosity is a human being who, in the future, can hardly answer who they are. Our interests define us and give us tools to expand our minds and develop ourselves, so it is crucial to stimulate them from the earliest age.

Today, we delve into the mysterious world of curiosity.

Curious children perform better.

We all take for granted that intelligent children get good grades and are more successful in the long run.

Among these other factors, for example, is being conscientious (being careful in what you do) and the ability to go to class and do your homework. In other words, those built for hard work know no slacking. But there is more.

Curiosity is also a decisive factor, according to a meta-analysis that compiled data from 200 other studies of around 50,000 students. What’s more, diligence and curiosity have as much effect on someone’s academic results as intelligence does.

A study published last year by the University of Michigan looked for new success factors and found the usual ones: family income, access to early childhood programs, and a good home environment. But curiosity reappeared as a cause of good school performance!

Regardless of socio-economic status, a curious child will have better grades than a non-curious one, which, according to the study, is more evident in cases of poverty.

What witchcraft do the curious hold?

But a passion for knowledge is not only suitable for children because it rewards them with academic excellence or future job skills; it is much more than that.

Through curiosity, the child’s temperament – from the factory – interacts with nature and his environment for the first time, producing a marvelous exchange that facilitates his maturation. From here, their life passions, values, and the tools that will help them overcome future traumas will emerge.

Yes, your child must be a curious little person.

How to raise children with a love of knowledge

So, let’s get down to practicalities; if curiosity is so important in raising a child, how can we encourage it?

Curious parents raise curious children, and experts agree.

When children of curious parents go to school, they may have more information than their peers simply because they have seen their parents generate more questions and answers throughout their lives. And because they know more, it is easier to keep absorbing knowledge.

Here, it is crucial never to evade children’s questions because ignoring them discourages their desire to know. Some ages are difficult: a five-year-old can ask their parents 107 questions an hour. Be patient.

If you are a teacher, think outside the box

A diagnosis that many pedagogues and education experts share is that today’s traditional school system does not encourage curiosity. Children are forced to learn about subjects that do not interest them and, in a dramatically passive way, gradually undermine their capacity for wonder.

This happens because teachers are bound to specific class-by-class objectives, which take time away from allowing children to explore and ask “irrelevant” questions.

Last words

Curiosity has not only led human beings to be interested in learning about their environment but has also moved them to perform great deeds:

  • Reaching the moon
  • Constructing magnificent buildings
  • Discovering mysteries about past civilizations
  • Creating marvelous works of art

Let us cultivate this characteristic in our children, not so that they become better students but so that they become human beings hungry to understand the world in which they live.

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