What Are Home Exchanges

What Are Home Exchanges? Plus How They Can Improve Your Vacation

More than 90% of Americans plan on traveling in 2023. Are you one of them? If so, where do you plan on staying on your trip?

Sure, you could leave your home empty while you book a hotel, but what if there was another option? What if you could stay in someone else’s house while they stay in yours?

If that interests you, you may want to look into home exchanges. Read on to learn all about them.

What Are Home Exchanges?

Home exchanges are just as simple as they sound. It’s when two households exchange homes for a brief period of time, like for a vacation. This allows both households to save money on hotels or Airbnbs and they get to live in a real home with all of the necessities.

There are many different ways to set up a home exchange. You could just set up a home exchange with other people you know that live in other parts of the country (or even the world). This is an easy way to have a home exchange vacation with someone you’re already familiar with, so it removes some of the risk.

But what if no one you know is doing any vacation planning anytime soon? You can use home exchange sites, like THIRDHOME. You can find other people in the world who are looking for a vacation home exchange in your city, and who live in a city that you’d like to visit. You can arrange everything online, and it’s super easy.

Benefits of Home Exchanges

So why would you want to do a home exchange instead of just staying in a hotel or an Airbnb? There are definitely a few perks of doing home exchanges instead!


The top benefit of doing a home exchange is affordability. It’s no secret that paying for a hotel can be pretty expensive if you’re trying to go to a prime area. Airbnbs used to be the more affordable option, but now, many of them are more expensive than traditional hotels.

When you do a home exchange, you’re choosing the most affordable option. Because you’re trading homes, you don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on accommodations.

Living Like a Local

When you stay in a hotel, you likely won’t be in a neighborhood where locals actually live (unless you happen to be traveling to a dense major city). While this is acceptable for many vacationers, some people prefer to live like the locals. If that sounds like you, a home exchange is ideal.

You get to live in a real neighborhood where other people are living. You can see more than just the popular tourist spots.

Household Amenities

While some hotels and Airbnbs have accessible household amenities, this isn’t true for all of them. Even if it is true, you may be too nervous to use them in fear of cleaning fees.

When you’re doing a home exchange, you’ll be giving another household the freedom to use your home as if it was their own. Because of that, you’ll feel more comfortable using their home. You can cook without worry.

Are Home Exchanges Right for you?

Home exchanges aren’t right for everyone, but if you would love the opportunity to see new places, and you’re on a budget, a home exchange might be the perfect option for you.

Check out home exchange sites today to learn more.

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