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Everyone sees his ideal vacation in different ways: some people like to travel, others like to play sports, and for some people the perfect evening is to relax while watching their favorite TV show in a cozy armchair, under a warm blanket with a mug of hot drink and immersed in the world of cinema or the life experiences of characters of TV shows, forgetting about everything.

There are many services that offer¬†watch movies online¬†right now. There is one site that is gaining popularity every day among movie buffs, fans of TV series and TV shows is the Theflix platform. A huge library of movies and TV series will please the most demanding movie fan and the clarity of the picture and color rendering will convince you of the right choice. Once you become a user of this platform, you won’t want to go back to other services.

TV shows on TheFlix

Online cinema Theflix is a service to help you relax in the evening or at weekends and immerse yourself in the world of movies and TV shows at an affordable price. Here you’ll find the latest and most popular TV shows of absolutely different genres from various countries with excellent dubbed translation and voice-over:

  • comedies;
  • biographical;
  • detective;
  • romantic and many others.

But a large selection of Online series, good quality and low subscription fees are not all that this platform can boast.

What is Theflix

In addition to the extensive library and the ability to connect to the service from any smartphone, it is worth noting a surprise that is not available to users of other platforms. It is the opportunity to earn a certain amount of Bitcoins for invited friends. In other words, it is possible to combine recreation with earning and get pleasure from this.

Although the platform is somewhat analog Netflix, it beats the well-advertised service. Imagine, just two friends who join the service by your invitation will allow you to use the platform for free for a month – a nice bonus, isn’t it?


The feature of the service, unlike Cheep Netflix, is easy and inexpensive access to a list of series and movies. Every fan of TV series prefers a service with a wide range of products as well as the ability to watch series online in high quality. TheFlix platform offers them all. It also offers maximum ease of navigation – a filter allows you to select a series by rating, genre, or release date. You can find all seasons of the most popular series and new episodes that everyone is looking forward to on the platform.

With a simple registration on TheFlix service in just a few minutes, every fan of TV shows can find something he likes and get additional opportunities to earn money from new users. No other similar service for watching movies and TV series has such opportunities.

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